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Today, I checked the network connection status (netstat/ano) on the server and saw a bunch of TIME_WAIT connections, all of which were connected to port 1433. Obviously this is a malicious connection, therefore, to ensure the security of the server database, it is necessary to disable the remote connection function of the database, and the database and website are deployed on the same machine, so the use is not affected.

To disable a remote connection, follow these steps:

1>. Point to "start-> Program-> Microsoft SQL Server 2005-> Configuration tool-> SQL Server peripheral application configurator"
2>. On the "SQL Server 2005 peripheral application configurator" page, click "service and connected peripheral application configurator"
3>. Click "database engine", select "remote connection", and select "local connection only" on the right ".
Click "application" and you will see the following message: "the changes made to the connection settings will not take effect until the Database Engine service is restarted .", Click OK to return
4> Expand "Database Engine", select "service", click "stop" on the right side, wait until the MSSQLSERVER service is stopped, and then click "start" to restart the MSSQLSERVER service.

After the remote connection is disabled, you may need to change the database connection parameters of Web. config. The server in connectionString must be changed to. (One Point), but neither nor localhost nor IP address can be changed.

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