Disable unnecessary animations to speed up Windows 7

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Windows 7 gorgeous user interface is really nice. However, if the configuration is not so high, you have to make a trade-off considering the system running speed. In order to make win 7 consume less resources and run faster, some optimization is necessary. Of course, our principle is to improve performance while keeping the effect as much as possible. So the animation effect is not necessary, but it does not affect the aero Effect of win 7.

The procedure is as follows:

Open"Start Menu">"Control Panel";

In theEasy access"That item, select"Optimize video display";

Find"Make the content on the screen easier to view"That piece, in"Disable all unnecessary Animations (if possible)"Check the box before selection; press"Application","OK.

Have you noticedIf possibleThe four words are really meticulous. They are all closed for you, but they won't be too damaging. A safe choice!

In addition, if you are interested, we can also try to manually change the visual effect settings.
Right-click"Computer", Select"Attribute";

Click"Advanced System settings";

In theAdvanced"Tab, press"Set"Button.

You can customize some settings as needed ..

However, this may affect the aero effect. The balance between performance and effect depends on your own. It is a sense of accomplishment to make proper debugging!













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