Disadvantages of Samsung s5670

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Describe the disadvantages of a mobile phone. First, we should be sure of its advantages. Otherwise, manufacturers with defective mobile phones will not be able to make the product.


1.The cost efficiency is too high. Only 1200 yuan (as of the previous day of 2011 super Singles Day ). Cheap is the biggest advantage.

2. Mobile phone screen 3.31 inch .. Non-domestic brand mobile phones under the stalls below 1500 are already a major advantage.

3. In fact, there are still some advantages .. It is not the main content of this column. I will not list them here ..


1. The screen display of this machine is poor, only 0.26 million colors,Qvga (320x240) Resolution. [I believe this is criticized by everyone. Including designers of Samsung]

Note: I really don't understand what Samsung does with such a large screen with such a small resolution .. At least 320x480 pixels are required. Of course, a penny is a product .. This has been fully demonstrated in Samsung Galaxy s5660.

2. the back cover is not easy to open. (This only applies to users. Can be realized .)

3.It's not clear that 5 million photos are not as clear as NOKIA 3.2 million photos.. (This is not necessarily a disadvantage. After all, quite a few people buy mobile phones for cameras. Except for the author .. I think my last mobile phone Nokia-N82 camera is definitely a first-class product)

4. the ram of this mobile phone is only 160 MB.ProgramPoor running timeliness. (This shortcoming is not very prominent)

The following are disadvantages. Some special. Some people may not have the following Disadvantages:

5. When someone calls you. The machine itself does not support ringtones other than the machine .. You can only select the built-in ringtones .. This problem is actually quite wrong.

6. There are no multiple scene modes .. It is estimated that this is only available for Nokia's low-end machines and other brands of high-end machines .. In fact, this problem is not very big.

7. Touch Screens often inadvertently encounter content that you don't want to use ..



Of course there are some problems with the price here .. Actually. Think about its price. I think it's pretty simple.


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