Discover some easy-to-forget details and forget details

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Discover some easy-to-forget details and forget details

1: I ++ and ++ I

Let's take a look at the results and then look at the compilation.

Int a = 0; int B = 0;
Printf ("a = % d; B = % d; \ n", a, B );
A = B ++;
Printf ("a = B ++ a = % d; B = % d; \ n", a, B );
A = ++ B;
Printf ("a = ++ B a = % d; B = % d; \ n", a, B );

Next, the assembled Graph

From the assembly of Lines 3 and 4, we can see that a = B ++ puts the value of B into the register eax first. At this time, B = eax = 0 is assigning the value of eax to a. At this time, a = 0

The fifth line puts the value of B into the register ecx. ecx = 0

The sixth line adds ecx and 1 to ecx = 0 + 1 = 1.

Row 7 assigns ecx to B ecx = B = 1



Simple I ++ is equivalent to ++ I;

In the expression, a = I ++ a = ++ I and I ++ and ++ I are different as function parameters, for example, fun (int ){...} main () {fun (I ++ );}

How can we give our psychological cues? It is easy to forget many important details. When there are many people?

In fact, forgetting details is not because of your poor memory, but because of the tension caused by many people. However, you should be cautious in your personality. You have never forgotten important details. What you need to do is to relax yourself, tighten your muscles, hold on for 10 seconds, and then relax, at the same time, you can take three deep breaths to relax. Then all the details will naturally come to your mind. Good luck!

How can self-hypnosis remind you of important details you forget?

1. Prepare a notebook and pen, and put it on the bed. 2. self-hypnosis before going to bed. You can do similar self-hypnosis work before going to bed, such as telling yourself, I must remember this evening's dream. With this belief, sleeping would make it easier to remember your dream when I wake up. Well, it sounds ridiculous, right? However, many of my friends told me that they seldom dream or think that their dreams are usually boring and easy to remember. However, after trying these methods, later, I was very happy to call me and say that they also had dreams, and they often found that their dreams were not monotonous, but interesting and charming! 3. When you wake up, you will immediately recall the last dream that you remember before waking up every morning. If you want to write down your dream in any way, it will have a better effect; otherwise, if there is no time, even if you write a few keywords, it will also help to recall. In the first place, it was normal to recall the entire dream. Just like recalling many things, you may find that you can slowly recall many details of the dream that you could not remember. When I woke up, I was interrupted by other things. For example, when my mother came to school, or when I came together, I ran to the computer and played an electric power which didn't break through yesterday, it would be a disadvantage for remembering dreams; in the same way, waking up with an alarm will also hurt memories of dreams. If you must use the alarm clock, you can use the method of self-hypnosis before going to bed. You tell yourself that I must get up before the alarm, you will find that you can wake up early. Having learned some basic principles, the last thing is the habit. Just like writing a diary, after a period of practice, it becomes a habit, the dream content you remember will become more and more detailed, and the emotions and details in the dream are often the key. If you try to resolve your dream, we will find that this is really a pleasure.

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