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Bought subscriptions in an app yesterday (app purchase), when I click to pay Alipay, found that always jump to a "Yunnan mobile" App, tried a few times can not succeed, after thinking about it, should be Alipay URL Scheme was "Yunnan mobile" to register it. So the mobile phone on the "Yunnan mobile" to uninstall, and sure enough Alipay to pay success.
Originally, the URL Scheme for IOS was designed to facilitate the invocation of calls between apps. We can use a OpenURL method to open the specified app and pass some parameters. But Apple does not have any verification of the identity of the App, and the parameters in the URL are transmitted in plaintext, which causes some rogue software to arbitrarily intercept the system to pass to other app URL Scheme calls, such as "Yunnan mobile" app. If these apps are intended to mimic the app on the UI, it's hard for users to know if their information is being abused and leaked by these apps ...

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