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Discussion on ArcGIS Engine Symbol Library

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Symbolic is an important function or processing in GIS application development. Because the symbols of layers transferred to a layer in a program are random and dynamic, it is not conducive to the appearance of the layer. Another point is that symbols can increase the readability of electronic maps.

Symbol Source

The sources of symbols are as follows:
1. Symbol Library

Symbol file of Desktop

Use the style manage of the desktop to create the corresponding symbol and save it as a style file. The file is actually an mdb database. The style file corresponds to the desktop and has corresponding classes in the desktop Development Kit (Stylegallery class)Supports reading this file.

ArcGIS EngineSymbol File

The extension of the symbol file of ArcGIS Engine is serverstyle. In the current argis version, the file creation and symbol browsing are not supported. In the \ ArcGIS \ Development Kit \ toolsdirectory, a tool named makeserverstyleset.exe is used to convert a style file to a serverstyle file. The serverstyle file is a binary file, this is why a hundreds of K style file is converted to a serverstyle file, which is only dozens of K or even smaller.

The serverstyle file corresponds to ArcGIS Engine. In the engine development kit, the serverstylegallery class supports reading this class.

However, in ArcGIS engine, the makeserverstyleset.exeand serverstylegalleryclasses all have buckets. to convert the Style File Using makeserverstyleset.exe, the conversion fails, or the conversion succeeds. The serverstylegallery class is used to read the serverstyle file.

To sum up, if you develop an independent program and use the symbol library, you must use the serverstyle file, because the engine development kit does not read the Style File class, which exists in the desktop development kit. However, serverstyle files are unreliable.

2. Use the program to automatically generate the corresponding symbol

For such applications, a configuration file is generally required to describe the symbols used in each layer, then, when the layer needs to be symbolic, a symbol is dynamically generated using the description of the symbol in the configuration file.

Although this method requires a relatively large workload and complicated symbol modification and configuration, it is relatively reliable for independent programs.

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