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Last month in Taobao ued tea will share the theme. Organize it into words and share it with you.

One, what is the emotion

Emotion is a kind of physiological reaction of human being to external things. is determined by needs and expectations. When this needs and expectations are met, it produces pleasant, loving emotions, and vice versa, distress, disgust.

Second, what is the emotion of design

Emotional design is just a creative tool to express and play the designer's ideas and design purposes, with the development of the Times, this creative tool will become increasingly sharp.

In the Book of Affective design, this paper reveals the 3 characteristics of human nature from the perspective of perceptual psychology: "Instinctive, behavioral, reflective, and puts forward the importance of emotion and emotion for making decisions in daily life."

Three different levels of design and product characteristics of the corresponding relationship:

The design of instinct level--shape

The design of behavioral level--fun and efficiency in use

The design of reflective level--self-image, personal satisfaction, memory

Instinct level

Man is a visual animal, and the observation and understanding of shape is instinctive. The more intuitive the visual design is, the more likely it is to be accepted and liked.

Behavioral level

The behavior level design may be we should pay attention most, especially to the functional product, pays attention to the utility, importantly is the performance. The use of products is a series of operations, beautiful interface to bring a good first impression can continue, the key is to see two points: whether the effective completion of the task, whether it is a fun operation experience, this is the behavior level design needs to solve the problem.

4 aspects of excellent behavioral level design: function, accessibility, usability and physical sensation.

Reflective level

Reflective level of design and the meaning of goods, by the environment, culture, identity, identity and so on, will be more complex, change is also faster. This level, in fact, with the long-term feelings of customers related to the need to establish a brand or product long-term value. Only in the product/service and the user to establish the emotional bond, through the interaction affect self-image, satisfaction, memory and so on, can form the cognition of the brand, cultivate the loyalty of the brand, brand become the representative or carrier of emotion.

Third, why the emotion of design

1, the development of society, the emotional statement

With the development of science and technology, consumers and manufacturers put forward higher requirements for the product to meet the psychological needs of people. With the increase of people's consumption demand and the increasingly fierce market competition, people's perceptual psychological needs have received unprecedented attention, people are not satisfied with the pure material demand, people's demand is developing toward the emotional interaction level, and "It is an open interactive economic form, The main emphasis on commercial activities to bring consumers a unique aesthetic experience! In the product design of the proportion will be more and more, design more to meet the psychological needs of consumers products, will be the inevitable trend of the market.

2. We like talking with people, not with machines.

Humanization is a very important research in the field of human-computer interaction, which takes into account the user's psychological feeling and the design of a kind and friendly text phrase, which is more favorable and sympathetic to the users than cold and stiff words.

The need for emotion may be reflected in a number of ways, such as we want to have more task tips when playing games, or when my power is low enough to remind me to recharge quickly. This kind of more anthropomorphic demand for the system is simply because humans are inherently fearful and unfamiliar with machines-we don't like cold machines, like DOS commands, we like Windows or MAC os--with the Welcome interface we like to talk to people.

When we say, "OK, the copy on this button should be more operational," We're actually saying that our interface should look more like teaching the user how to do it, and when we say, "The copywriting here should be more humorous," We are actually saying that our website should look more like a friendly friend greeting you. The goal of interaction design is to make the man-machine conversation more natural and emotional.

3, everything is to impress you

The real value of products is to meet the emotional needs of people, the most important one is to establish their self-image and their status in society needs.

Love arises when the special qualities of an object make him part of our daily life, and when it deepens our satisfaction. And thus the transaction is produced!

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