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Today, the traditional enterprise marketing has moved to the Internet, enterprises through the Internet to better promote corporate image, products, services and other information, can fully explain the enterprise has also been aware of the strong internet for enterprises have a great help, from the current form, most of the small and medium enterprises are in the construction of corporate websites, Then through the enterprise website propaganda and marketing products, information and so on, and then users directly through the Internet to visit the corporate website and business to reach a deal. Then the corporate web site as a quick marketing tool, a lot of corporate bosses are very important, if the enterprise site has problems will require the enterprise webmaster to diagnose and repair the site, so the site is a prerequisite for the diagnosis of corporate webmaster courses.


Found a very serious problem, part of the business owners have a common fault, when the corporate site down the right, K station, hair, etc., the enterprise owners do not know how to check and respond to a long time to cause the site can not be restored. Recently, the author often and a number of corporate site webmaster exchanges, they always ask about the enterprise site is down the right after how to diagnose the company's website, in their eyes only one idea, that is the rapid diagnosis of the site and then let the site quickly restored, then for such a problem the author is also press can not resist, So I intend to today with the majority of business owners, especially some just stepped into the Enterprise Optimization site webmaster to exchange, of course, the author of this article is also written to the corporate webmaster website diagnostic instructions.

First, check the Enterprise website optimization personnel whether there is a technical error

First, check to see if there are technical errors in the Enterprise website optimizer. What is a technical error? is that a technical error occurred while optimizing the site. In fact, many business owners in the optimization of the site will appear when the technical errors, the author in the Enterprise optimized the website, to optimize the process of the enterprise website is very unforgettable, remember that year in the optimization of corporate website, will and a lot of corporate webmaster Exchange SEO, that time found that a lot of webmaster optimization means are the same, And a lot of corporate bosses are pursuing the conversion rate, high flow, propaganda in place, ranking home, from these points of view, the enterprise optimization personnel not only the main station content also have to send out chain promotion, the content of the promotion is repeated content and with the URL, worse is through the machine to classify, business-to-business, forum, blog and other platforms to promote posts, Causes the website to accumulate the rubbish outside the chain seriously. In addition, the main station content is to copy others, and some even the enterprise name does not change, such a site can not survive, so I think the Enterprise optimization personnel in the technical errors should be well examined.

For example: the author is responsible for food enterprise website, now to check in the optimization of the site when there are technical errors, the author first to see whether the content of the site is really hand-hit original, whether the chain for the hand to play the original, the content of the repetition is too large, in the optimization of the site structure and page when not done right, is not to promote as a chain to do , the author from these angles to check can be.

Second, check the structure of the Enterprise website and included on whether there are problems

Secondly, check the structure of the corporate website and whether there are problems included. Here I do not say that the diagnosis of the page, because the current corporate web page is almost the same type, and very consistent with the user and spider experience, of course, different old always require different page design, special types of the author will not elaborate. The website structure believes everybody should know, the structure is the website most important constituent, a good website structure may save a lot of optimization time for the optimization personnel, usually the enterprise website is one tree structure as the main, and the tree structure is divided into the homepage → the Channel page → The inside page, Can be a simple analogy such as Home → product summary column → Product details inside the page. This is just one of them, and check the site's columns, navigation, spider traps, banned, internal links, web site Normalization, these are required to check the structure. Then is the site of the collection of corporate issues, the author believes that the corporate site is generally included in the 300-500 or so, after all, the enterprise site is a small site does not need to include too much, the rest is to rely on the top of the chain rankings, if the number of too few certainly appear problems, this time

For example: the author is responsible for corporate web site, first to check the structure of the site, look at the structure of the site is not a tree structure, the site's column design is in line with the user and spider experience, the site has spider traps on every page, such as Flash, JS, etc., the site is not such as through robotx.txt shielding should not be included in the page, so that the weight of the site is not dispersed, the site internal link is perfect, usually the effect of internal links can make the site become a net and then let spiders crawl and so on, these are the author to check. Again to see the site included, the site included above also said, included not too much, check the collection of time to see how many, included a small amount of content to explain your site quality is not high quality, included a lot of content to see what is included in what is useful and what is useless, the use of the collection are shielded, the advantage is not to lose weight.

Third, check the contents of the owner's station and whether there are problems in the chain

Then, check the contents of the main station and the external chain whether there is a problem. In general, the optimization work that the Enterprise Optimizer is responsible for every day is to update the articles in the station and release the chain, and for the structure and page optimization is not contacted, because the site structure and page optimization is not on the website and the site to do the optimization of many stages, so the update content and hair outside the chain is an essential task to optimize the staff every day. The author thinks, many website homepage rank, the website is lowered the right, the website does not have the flow to update content and the outside chain has the correlation, why say so? If the content of the site is rubbish content, are copying the content of other people's websites, outside the chain are garbage outside the chain, are issued in some garbage platform outside the chain, and the content of a lot of repetition, Such content and outside the chain you think the site is helpful? So I think these two are the main culprit of the site, the other is the content of the page is recommended not to add a home URL, you can add the anchor text of the first page but do not add plain text or hypertext.

For example: The author now for the Enterprise website content and outside the chain to do the diagnosis, first, the author will adhere to the main station content, content and business relevance is not big, product knowledge content is not the title of the use of long tail words and other methods of writing, the title of the competition is not big, the content brought home URL, the number of anchor text is not too much, The content of the keyword is not piled up, the content of a large amount of repetition, to take out a piece of the word Baidu can be. Look at the outside chain, the content of the chain is not related to the corporate website, for example, the theme of the page itself and is connected to the page of the relevance of the kiss does not match, and so on, the chain of the URL is not distributed all have, generally, with the home page, channel page, inside pages, and then to see how the quality of the chain, Look at the proportion of the outside chain and the quality of the chain, if the number of garbage outside the chain than high-quality outside the chain, resulting in the site will be affected.

Four, skillfully use Baidu Webmaster tools for corporate website to do diagnostics

Finally, the enterprise webmaster to use Baidu Webmaster tools to make the diagnosis for the Enterprise website. believe that the webmaster should know Baidu Webmaster platform, this tool is a good helper webmaster, effective use of Baidu Webmaster platform can help webmaster understand the site's traffic and user data, monitoring the site whether there are abnormal problems, to optimize the site, submit data. In short, let Baidu better understand the corporate website, and let users find a better corporate website. The author believes that enterprises can be based on Baidu Webmaster to better develop the corporate web site, so as to reduce the possibility of the site down right, and now Baidu Webmaster tools have early warning signals to the corporate website has a lot of help.

For example: The author's corporate website has been successfully added Baidu Webmaster Tools, at this time the author can be in the Baidu Webmaster tools to submit dead links, url submission, chain analysis, check Baidu index, view page optimization suggestions, view the site's pressure feedback, check the site's crawl anomaly, the safety of the site to check, The best is if the company website would like to be revised through the website revision to the corporate website.

Written at the end:

Above by A5 marketing http://www.admin5.cn/article-392-1.html original edit. Enterprise website diagnosis is every enterprise website optimization personnel necessary technology, so I also think that the webmaster can effectively master the site to diagnose the method can greatly improve the efficiency of the work, of course, if the enterprise webmaster can not be competent for the site to diagnose the work also need not to be brave, may outsource to the site diagnostics team, I think this is the best choice , because the ability of the person can be reduced to the right of the site after the diagnosis of rapid recovery.

A5 Marketing only focus on corporate SEO, for corporate web site to provide diagnostic services, to help companies reduce the right to quickly restore the site. Please pay attention to A5 marketing micro-letter public number: A5yingxiao get Baidu and SEO and other latest information!

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