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I haven't studied a test tool so seriously for a long time. I have been focused on learning and using the LoadRunner tool for a long time, but I have never discussed it, at the same time, this is basically a little bit of information, which makes me a little powerless. After all, we still need to talk to each other and discuss each other before we can know the length and make progress and develop. So this time I learned QC, and I learned it with everyone, I believe this method will be improved faster.

In fact, as a tester, the knowledge I need to know is far more than a developer. Now I know that I can really understand this conclusion. To become a senior test engineer, only after several years of development work can we have both depth and breadth. We need to understand the customer's psychology and the development methods. In this way, both of them can be executed. But to be honest, the testing technology is also advancing by leaps and bounds. Who said there is no quality requirement in China, but after all, it is better than testing with foreigners, just like three tests for one developer at Microsoft, for example, in China, one test is used to deal with a group of developers, which is the current situation in China ~~ Haha! In this case, software quality should not be ignored as long as there are testers. Now the so-called automated testing has become the future direction of a new generation of testing engineers. They all think that learning automated testing is the benchmark of a senior testing engineer. In fact, I am also one of the followers. I think these are all problems brought about by the market effect, because as long as you search for 51job, the basic job recruitment test jobs require automated testing first, of course, automated testing tools are indispensable. Therefore, any market reaction in China is the dominant factor driving the development of the industry. Based on this, I quickly became familiar with the so-called Automated Testing sanjianke: QC, LR, and qtp. However, as a tester, I do not know one of these three tools, it is absolutely out, at least in general enterprises, as long as testing is carried out, the test must be managed. In this case, QC is also a well-received test management tool. I submitted my defects in the TD environment under the guidance of my colleagues. I didn't start to have the opportunity to study QC in depth until this colleague left recently, I also learned that TD is the predecessor of QC. In this case, we used TD, which was used as a bug management tool before, and now we have discovered that it is actually a tool used to kill machines, the QC function is too powerful. I 've written so much, and I feel like I'm writing novels ......

Okay. Let's talk about QC in detail. The QC function is powerful because its functions are embodied in the entire test process. The first step is to submit the requirements submitted by the user to the QC requirement management module after being reviewed by the requirement analysts, developers, and testers, sort and classify. Second, develop a test plan based on the classification of the requirement module, that is, the test plan and use case. In this section, the test plan is refined and associated with each requirement in the requirement module, in this way, an upstream and downstream link is formed, and the plan will be changed as long as the demand is changed. The third part is the business components, which I did not understand at the beginning. Later I learned from my colleagues that this part is mainly linked with the automated testing tools LR and qtp, the automated testing framework is embodied. The business components here are generally used for regression testing, but they are actually a business process, because in any project, the business processes in the requirements are generally determined. The fourth part is the test lab. Here is the workshop for you to perform practical operations, which is what we usually call the execution test cases. Here we manage the above requirements and test plans. The fifth part is defect management. Here it is clear that the bug generated after each test case is executed is submitted, assigned to the developer for fixing, and finally closed. This module is also linked to each of the above links. Therefore, QC management becomes simple and easy to manage because of the uplink/downlink interaction. As long as one byte point in any module is changed, the system will notify the relevant users by email, other modules that follow the association are updated in a timely manner.

Whether you are a tester or a testing manager, mastering the QC tools is easy.

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