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The word "copyright" in the website very early before more or in some software companies related reports, the public early access to such information, it seems that Microsoft's operating system is the original version and piracy is more common, such copyright issues and public life is more closely linked, so also more concerned about, Then many domestic software companies also increased the crackdown on piracy, but because such incidents and the public life is relatively weak, so did not cause much concern. And the development of the current, the issue of copyright from the software industry to expand to the entertainment industry, the awareness of intellectual property is increasingly strong. For film and television sites, the copyright of film resources has been, and for a long time, will be plagued by various operators.

Internet users in recent times, will find that, in the past, many Web sites can easily find the latest popular film and television, music and so on, and now want to find such resources become very difficult, many sites have no longer provide such content download or online viewing and other content, a look at the news, is because a lot of film and television companies, Copyright companies ' crackdown on copyright has made it harder for these sites to provide services for this part of the content. Without the content of the Web site to attract netizens, the survival of nature by the danger, in order to survive, some sites to take a guerrilla warfare, was found on the retreat, did not find on the continue. This strategy, though effective for some time, is not a long-term solution. Some websites simply shut down their external services, limiting local free service. This is also not a way for some Web sites that rely on users to survive.

The author of the current Internet film and television sites to observe the understanding of the various film and television sites to solve the copyright problem is a number of generalizations, hoping to provide some help to various operators.

1, direct cooperation with the copyright company. This approach is now a more common way to solve copyright problems. There are several ways to cooperate with copyright companies, in accordance with the charging mode of the following:

The first, the purchase of copyright, the purchase of copyright company's copyright use, in accordance with the quarterly, half-year or annual purchase mode. This approach is more prevalent in the distribution of cinemas.

The second is to pay the corresponding fee according to the number of clicks; The cooperation of this mode of payment, to some extent, is also the copyright company involved in the operation of operators. This is more popular on the internet, but the copyright company for the cooperation of the film and television website authority and profitability may have a textual research and study, to achieve such cooperation in the film and television sites, or a minority.

Third, according to the operating site's annual profit to extract a certain percentage of dividends; In this way, the copyright company has become one of the shareholders of the film and television website. This approach is also one of the more popular forms of cooperation on the Internet. But like the second form of cooperation, copyright companies have a preliminary forecast of future earnings prospects, many sites are unable to pass the assessment, and have to adopt the first form of cooperation.

The above-mentioned way of cooperating with copyright companies makes the illegal use of copyright a legitimate use, but in the course of the use of high royalties makes the operator's profit significantly reduced.

2, evasive strategy: for easy to cause the content of copyright disputes as far as possible does not involve, such as the current movie hit movies do not provide, and the main push abroad some did not introduce domestic films, not easy to cause copyright litigation. And this part of the film is difficult to cause copyright litigation resources, the source is more or BT website, electric donkey, such as free download site. But with the expansion of the domestic copyright war, BT website, such as film and television download site is also plagued by copyright, which will give the film and television site the only free resources to obtain the land has become precarious.

3, the Web site transformation: Nowadays, all kinds of Internet users on their own uploaded to the website, provided to other netizens to watch the video clips, netizens their own singing songs, with their own star dream in a dedicated web site for other friends to enjoy, Many theaters for this part of the video resources without copyright issues will be produced as a dedicated web site users. One of the more well-known such as Tudou.

Of course, the above several methods to avoid copyright problems affect the development and profitability of the website to varying degrees. How to maximize the profit, Viewgood Company's marketing research department in charge of the issue, and the author talked about some of their experience in the actual operation. Viewgood is a professional technical supplier engaged in the research of core technology of streaming media. The role is destined for the current film and television website Development has a deeper research. For the current film and television websites encountered copyright problems, viewgood that this is a social development can not avoid a progress. Film and television sites must face this problem head-on, and one of the ways to solve, using a chain of operation, can reduce the difficulty of operation. The chain mentioned here is similar in form to the Association, Industry Alliance This kind of non-profit third-party intermediary organizations, similar to the operation of the franchise shop, the ultimate purpose of this operation is to significantly reduce the cost of copyright use, to achieve resource sharing, which in the Internet industry similar form has appeared, there are successful cases, In the real industry, more successful cases, such as the Internet Café industry, all over the Internet Café Alliance abound, and the common goal of forming alliances is to achieve the sharing of resources to achieve maximum profit. Of course, to achieve the Internet film and television web site Alliance, in a certain procedure and operation have a greater degree of difficulty, but this is bound to be the future of the Internet development trend.

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