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Sometimes it is very rare to Do Seo, because the website is full of black chains, and Seo xiaomiao has been worried about website hacking for a long time in the past few days, we do know that the black chain industry is becoming more and more developed. The friends who sell the black chain are not talking about it everywhere. Even a few webmaster tool websites have their advertisements, how did they get their black chain? Some are obtained through formal channels, and some are illegally linked to others' websites and then sold. What if the links of Baidu's websites are listed? Obviously, your website will be downgraded or even K, today, I want to talk about how to effectively prevent my website from being hacked. I believe many people want to know how to check and clear the black links on our website, today, Seo In Guangzhou will share with you some common methods to check and clear the black chain. I hope you can use it.

How to check whether the website is hacked:

1. Frequently view websiteSource codeIn general, the black chain is the most popular on the home page, and some friends who sell the black chain may also like the pages on the website. This will make it easier, the webmaster needs to check the website source frequentlyCode, Click the Text Location of the website, right-click it, and select "View Source File". Click it to view it. If your website is disabled by right-clicking, you can download some useful browsers to view the website source code.

Second, use the webmasters tool's "webmasters" function to use the "webmasters" function to view all links on the website page, this tool allows you to check whether the link on your website can be accessed or show all the links on the website page. When you find a link with an unknown name, take relevant measures immediately, delete this link, which may be a black link.

3. Use the FTP tool to view the modification time of the website file. Each website file has its own modification time. If no modification time is specified, the system displays the modification time based on the file creation time, assume that my current website was uploaded on July 15, April 1, and most of the files were uploaded on July 15, April 1 using the FTP tool. Suddenly, the modification time of a file is similar to the current time, your file may have been moved by someone else, modified the file source code, and hung up the black chain. Now you 'd better download the file to your local device, check whether there are any traces of black links in the source code of the file. Of course, when checking, if you are an ASP + ACCESS site, you can see that the modification time of your database file is similar to the current time. You can ignore it, for example, your websiteArticleWhen there is statistics on the number of clicks on an article, a visitor browses a website article and writes it to the database. Naturally, the modification time of the database is modified.

4. A friend who often modifies the FTP user name and password of a website who has a black link will obtain the FTP password of your website through illegal means. If your FTP password is set very easily, for example, "123456" and other dangerous passwords do not have a little security awareness. In this case, they will be better able to "start" your website. We need to set a complicated password, it can be set to a password that combines uppercase letters, lowercase letters, and punctuation marks. It can be at least safe to modify it. Don't wait until it is down to the Black chain to remember that you need to change the password. It's too late.

Fifth, you can use the "same IP Site query" function in the webmaster tool to query some websites on the same server as your website, if your website is infected with a black link, you are checking other websites on the same server. When you find that another website is also infected with a black link, at this time, we can doubt the security of the server, rather than the website.ProgramThe current task is to immediately contact the service provider and ask him to elaborate on the server security policy.

You can understand the location of the Black chain and the cause of the problem. We only need to clear these black chains from the web page, but some black chains are called, in this case, you need to find the called file and delete it so that the black chain can be completely deleted.

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