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(1) JVM + one VM:

Java is a schema that executes on the JVM, and the JVM is architected on another VM (Ex:microsoft OS), which is less true if the Java speed is considered slow.

Many books or technical articles have been mentioned.

But in fact:

What I often see is that when the environment of another VM (the Server in which the OS resides) is not clean, it often affects the speed at which Java application executes, and most people who think Java is slow don't see this or don't want to discuss it.

(2) project with the correct schema for Project vs. cascading schemas:

If the schema is the correct project architecture, the execution rate of JSP or JAVA application can be fast; On the contrary, project with a cascading architecture is often a downfall.

There are a number of ways to test project with cascading schemas, and I still have a lot of things I haven't learned yet, but I used a way to use it a lot more than three years ago.

Try to separate a simple feature from the cascading architecture of project into a clean project, and you will find many difficulties.

(Ps:java novice [do not] open outside the company to try, private practice can, lest be more senior staff blame.)

(PS 2: This is just experience talk and does not involve anyone and any Java Base Project.)

(3) Storeprocedure vs. JDBC myth:

It is often said that Storeprocedure's "speed" is faster than JDBC SQL statemenet, but I find that it is not complete to compare the following execution status

A. Storeprocedure often spends a lot of time and manpower on the development, handover, and maintenance of projects.

B. Storeprocedure is also on the revision (for example: from Microsoft version to DB2 version), which cost a lot of project time and manpower costs.

C. Storeprocedure often have many hidden errors in it, when compared, this part is often ignored, for example: On the transaction, because the business has not been online use, there is no test is very complete.

The discussion of this approach is to reflect the difference between [speed] and [rate] issues.

(Ps:i am does not look down on people who only have SQL instructions or only write store procedure, I'm simply a question that reflects Java efficiency)

(4) Unfamiliar with Web application Container:

Come back, for example, some unfamiliar Java schemas, or unfamiliar Web application Container, often occurs.

I often see people who will: IBM WebSphere doesn't know what to do, the CPU usage reaches 100%, and then comes back and complains about the slow pace of Java execution.

What I have listed is some truth ...

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