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The slide visual effect is good and bad, the color factor occupies at least 30% of the proportion. Color matching affects the visual comfort of the audience in viewing the slides, and on the other hand, it hints at the speaker's theme. For the primary ppt maker, color matching is a big problem. How to do the color of the slide, it is worth our time to study and study.

We usually make slides, the use of the diagram or master is our usual accumulation or network collection. In the color of slides, we often encounter the following two kinds of situations.

One, we often encounter the other people's illustrations copied to their own slides, the color has changed. Why, we didn't go into it, we did it just because the color changed, so I reset the color by one of the icons. (with Figure 1)

Second, we learned to set a good color scheme in the master, but unfortunately, when someone else's diagram was copied to their slides, the color did not change as we defined it, and still kept the original color of the diagram. At this time we will be very depressed to think, color scheme is not what convenient! (with Figure 2)

In fact, the above two kinds of confusion, because we do not have a good understanding of the principle of color scheme brought.

Each set of masters, with at least one set of color schemes. The color scheme sets the default color for text and illustrations in this master. The following figure:

We are in the above color scheme, the default color of the write title text is black, the default color of paragraph text is also black, the default color to add a shadow is gray, the default color to add a line is black, add a shape such as the default color of the rectangle is blue.

For example, we add four rectangles, set its color to the master color scheme fill, emphasis 1, emphasis 2, emphasis 3. When we change the master color scheme, the color of the four rectangles changes. (with Figure 4)

If we add these four rectangles, the colors are not set according to the rules of the color scheme, and when we change the master color scheme, the color of the four rectangles is unchanged. (with Figure 5)

All the illustrations provided by eppt follow the design principles of the color scheme, so we can use the color scheme to change the color of the entire slide. Currently, none of the helper software except Eppt has this function.

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