Discuz new single-point forum (not dependent on ucenter)

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Discuz itself provides a Ucenter user center to enable single sign-on.

However, there are several problems with other applications to log on to Discuz single-point:

Requires 2 activations. May cause the server unresponsive, the forum display the latest user can not sync updates, the official website does not provide other language API

such as

The section code is provided here. Save the following PHP code under the BBS root folder such as go.php

* Zj53hao 20140418 External Program Single Sign-on to Discuz (Sync register and login to Discuz) Http://blog.csdn.net/zj53hao */define (' Norobot ', FALSE);d efine (' Adminscript ', basename (__file__));d efine (' curscript ', ' admin ');d efine (' Hooktype ', ' hookscript ');d efine (' Apptypeid ', 0);//define (' Curmodule ', $mod); require './source/class/class_core.php '; $discuz = C::app (); $discuz->init (); Require libfile (' function/member '); require libfile (' class/member '); Runhooks (); $newusername = Trim ($_get[') Newusername '); $newpassword = ' www.xxxx.com ';//trim ($_get[' newpassword '); $newemail = Isset ($_get[' newemail '])?

Strtolower (Trim ($_get[' newemail ')): $newusername. ' @xxx. com '; if (! $newusername | |! $newemail) {showmessage (' You are not currently logged in to the XXX network and are temporarily visiting the forum as a visitor only ');} The following sentences prevent 3rd party from forging $time= (int) ($_get["Time"); $curdate = time (); $seckey = $time. $newusername. ' Www.xxx.com '; $seckey = MD5 ($seckey); if ($curdate-$time >1200 | | $seckey!=$_get[' code ') {showmessage (' Submit_ Invalid ');} $_g[' uid ']= '; $userid =c::t (' Common_member ')->fetch_uid_by_username ($newusername); $_server[' request_method ' = ' post ';//The register needs to simulate post to prevent 2 checks from $_get[' formhash '] = Formhash ();//Prevent 2 checks from $_g[' group ' [ ' Seccode ']= ';//Prevent 2-times check not through if (! $userid) {//No corresponding user is found to invoke $_get[' regsubmit ']= ' yes '; $_get[' infloat ']= ' yes '; $_get[' lssubmit ']= ' yes '; $ctl _obj = new Register_ctl (); $ctl _obj->setting = $_g[' setting '); $ctl _obj->template = ' member/register '; $_get['. $ctl _obj->setting[' reginput ' [' username ']]= $newusername; $_get['. $ctl _obj->setting[' reginput ' [' Password ']]= $newpassword; $_get[''. $ctl _obj->setting[' reginput ' [' Password2 ']]= $newpassword; $_get['. $ctl _obj->setting[' reginput ' [' email ']] = $newemail; $ctl _obj->on_register ();} Uc_user_synlogout (); $_g[' groupid '] = $_g[' member ' [' groupid '] = 7;$_g[' uid '] = $_g[' member ' [' uid '] = 0;$_g[' Username '] = $_g[' member ' [' username '] = $_g[' member ' [' password '] = '; Login $_get[' loginsubmit ']= ' yes '; $_get[' lssubmit ']= '; $_get[' username ']= $newusername; $_get[' password ']= $ NewPassword; $ctl _obj = new Logging_ctl (); $ctl _obj->setting = $_g[' setting ']; $ctl _obj->template = ' member/login '; $ctl _obj- >on_login ();?


The main principle is that other Web applications jump to the URL and take the username. and login check string. Such as



Infer whether the user exists in the forum.

Does not exist then call the brochure module. There is a login to the new user, assuming that the user was also toggled before the other user was logged in.

It uses its own code to prevent malicious submissions from 3rd parties and removes the test code for the forum itself through a temporary switch.

$seckey = $time. $newusername. ' Www.xxx.com ';
Mainly with Linux timestamp and user name. Plus two parties negotiated a secret key to MD5 encryption. The validation passes after the match. The same string will only work in 1200 seconds.

Now it's effective for discuzX3. The other version number is not tested.

Discuz new single-point forum (not dependent on ucenter)

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