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Q: How to set a visitor in a particular version of the area can only see posts but can not see the content of posts?
First, "System settings-> Group and level-> user Group": Set the visitor's reading permission to 0; then, "System Setup-> forum-> Edit Forum": Select the Forum point editor that you intend to open browsing posts to visitors, in "Forum Permissions-Browse Forum License" Place: Tick before the visitors. In this way, visitors will be unable to browse.
Q: How do I set up a forum to show some user groups as private forums?
A: "System setup-> registration and access Control-> Hide no access to the forum": choose No; Then, "System Settings-> Forum settings-> Edit Forum": Select the forum you intend to set up for Privacy Forum editor, in "Forum Permissions-Browse Forum License" Place: Before you are ready to allow browsing of this privacy forum, check in front of the user group, not allowed to browse the empty. This will enable the privacy of the forum settings.
Q: How to hide the name of the forum category, there is a category but do not display the category name?
A: "System settings-> Forum settings-> Edit Forum": Select you intend to remove the name display of the category Point editor, delete the category name and knock a few spacebar, submit, to the foreground can see the category name has been removed.

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