Distinguish "Baidu weights" cheating method

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identify the "Baidu weight" cheating method   Programmers in the PHP project at the same time, also have to identify Baidu weight of cheating, the so-called "Baidu Weight", refers to the Love station, webmaster tools and other sites launched on the site of the website keyword ranking is expected to bring traffic to the site to divide the assessment data.  "Baidu weight" is not like Google's PageRank of the site's comprehensive rating algorithm, but only for keyword rankings to the site to bring the popularity of the rating, it is very easy to cheat.  Baidu official has issued a notice, told everyone in the world there is no so-called "Baidu Weight", Baidu search engine used to measure the value of the site scoring system, is composed of nearly hundred strategies, and the score is dynamic, that the same site in different scenarios, different needs to get the score is not the same. Love station, webmaster tools to provide the so-called website in the weight of Baidu information, its principle is very simple, through the statistics of a site all have ranking keywords (must have Baidu index Word), and its location, counter-calculated estimated flow; According to the estimated traffic to divide Baidu weight,  This is not related to the actual access traffic on the site, and is therefore highly susceptible to cheating.  "Baidu weights" the principle of cheating is very simple, is to brush this site ranked first keyword Baidu index, manufacturing artificial Baidu search traffic, so that even if the actual site access traffic has not changed, but the so-called Baidu is expected to increase the flow, so-called "Baidu Weight" also improved. Specific implementation of the method of cheating is to find the site ranking the first keyword, through the program or other means, constantly search for the keyword in Baidu, clear cookies, replace IP loop execution, so constantly brush keywords, the keyword of the Baidu index naturally improved, Baidu index improved later,  Third-party website again calculate this website "Baidu weight" time, its value also will increase correspondingly.  Of course, brush such traffic for the site keyword ranking without any help, so brush out the "Baidu weight" is mainly used to exchange links or sell site links, cheat cheat layman, really understand SEO peers, as long as the site ranked first keyword and its Baidu included number, you can know this is not brush out the false weight.  To identify the "Baidu weight" of the specific method is: 1, check the keywords ranking, check the site ranking the highest number of keywords Baidu index is abnormal, whether there are some obscure keyword has a very high Baidu index, query Baidu index The highest keyword of the history of Baidu Index, see if there is a period of time there has been a large change.  2, check the number, the ranking of the site is very high, it is not possible to include very little, if included few, very likely to brush the "Baidu weight."  3, check anti-chain number, usually high-weight website, its anti-chain number will be very much. 4, check the keywords PC and mobile Baidu Index, some cheaters in order to conceal, only brush mobile Baidu Index, and not to brush the PC side, so query keywords need pc and mobile Baidu index are checked. Free collection of LAMP Brothers and original PHP video tutorial CD/"Detailed PHP" Essentials Edition, details of the Advisory website customer Service: http://www.lampbrother.net
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