Distributed code Management System git

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1.1Git Installation

CentOS on Yum install-y epel-release; yum install git

Ubuntu on Apt-get Install git

Install Msysgit on Windows


After the installation is complete, you will need to set the final step

git config--global user.name "Your name"//For example Snale

git config--global user.email "[email protected]"//Own Mailbox

Note that the parameters of the git config command, --global using this parameter, means that all of your git repositories on this machine will use this configuration, of course, you can also assign a different user name and email address to a warehouse.

1.2 Creating a warehouse push file



GIT init//Initialize with this command to make this directory a repository that git can manage

List-a can see a more. Git directory

Echo-e "123\nsnale\ngittest" >gittest.txt

git add gittest.txt//adding files to the Warehouse

Git commit-m "Add test file Gittest.txt"//add must commit in order to actually commit the file to the warehouse

Echo-e "11111\n222222" >>gittest.txt//Change file

git status//view the status in the current repository, such as whether there are any changes to the file

git diff gittest.txt//Can compare the version of the repository with the gittest.txt compared to what is changed this time

Distributed code Management System git

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