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Recently in doing a lot of web page items have forgotten that I tidy up the css+div commonly used tags hope to help me and everyone to learn the first frame of the entire site is the basis, the next step is to add JSP and Ajax.
The length in the CSS
Absolute unit: Hardly in Web pages
in inch 1in = 2.54cm
cm cm 1cm = 0.394in
pt lb 1in = 72pt
PC Pica 1in = 6pc
Relative units: more commonly used
EM 1em = font-size value of the corresponding font
Ex 1ex = The height value of lowercase x letters in the corresponding font, which is more difficult to obtain and generally takes 0.5em
PX the most common
Classification of elements in CSS
Display set element category, not inheritable
None (set to not appear on the screen)
Blocks (block level, including P,h1-h6,list,div,body)
Inline (inline elements, including a,em,span)
List-item (list element, such as LI)
Color and Background class
Color Set Text colors
#rgb #rrggbb RGB (255,255,255) RGB (100%,100%,100%)
H1{color: #f00}
H1{color: #ff0000}
H1{color:rgb (255,0,0)}
H1{color:rgb (100%,0%,0%)}
Background-color Set background color, same format, not inheritable, can be used for all meta
Body{background-color: #f00}
Body{background-color: #ff0000}
Body{background-color:rgb (255,0,0)}
Body{background-color:rgb (100%,0%,0%)}
Background-image Set background picture, default to None, not inheritable, available for all meta
URL (ImageURL) none
Body{backround-image:url (back.jpg);}
Background-repeat sets whether background pictures are repeated, not inheritable, for all meta
Repeat (all XY axes are repeated) repeat-x (x-axis repeat) repeat-y (Y-axis repeats) no-repeat (no repeat arrangement, default)
Background-attachment Set background picture is scrolling, not inheritable, for all meta article links http://www.cxybl.com/html/wyzz/CSS/20121120/34047.html

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