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DivX is a digital multimedia compression technology invented by DivXNetworks, similar to MP3. Based on MPEG-4 standards, DivX can compress multimedia files in the MPEG-2 format to the original 10%, but also the VHS format of video files to the original 1%. Through DSL, cable Moden, and other broadband devices, you can enjoy full-screen high-quality digital movies.

Both sound and picture quality can be comparable to that of a DVD. It also allows other devices (such as TVs with set-top boxes and pocketpcs) to watch videos. The software integrates the DivX encoder and the DivX video file Player DivX Player which has its own characteristics. Of course, there are also WEB players and video conversion programs DivX Converter. DivX Converter can convert various other video files into DivX video files.

New features of DivX Player:
* Download manager-This new feature lets you queue up multiple videos, pause and resume downloads, and progressively play back videos during the download process. you can also add URLs of DivX videos hosted online to the DivX Player for automatic downloading.
* Media manager-You can now organize your DivX videos easier than ever before.
* Playlists-Thanks to added support for video playlists, you can now queue videos in a list and play through them sequentially
* Burn to disc-Drag and burn multiple DivX videos to CD/DVD from within the player for playback on certified devices. Burn, baby, burn !!
* User account management-It's now easy to activate and manage certified devices including DVD players, portable media players and more from within the DivX Player interface.

What's new in the latest DivX Codec:
* Up to 12% faster decoding for smoother playback
* Over 10% faster encoding in "Insane" mode
* Up to 7% better compression for HD capture in "Fastest" mode
* Experimental support for SSE4 on new Intel Penryn CPUs

=== This DivX Pro package des ===

DivX Codec (6.6.1 ):
* Compress videos to save hard drive space
* Create high-definition videos in 1080i and 1080 p
* Advanced multipass encoding for higher quality video in less time
* Optimized for HyperThreaded, dual CPU (SMP) and dual core systems

DivX Converter (6.2.1) (including the MPEG-2/DVD plug-in ):
* Drag and drop you videos into DivX video in one step
* Create videos with advanced interactive features
* Batch encode multiple files into DivX video

DivX Web Player (1.3.0 ):
* Play DivX video in your web browser
* Use the DivX Web Player to easily put videos on your web page
* Support for subtitles and multiple audio tracks

DivX Player (6.4.3 ):
* Play every DivX file ever created (just not all at once)
* Optimized for DivX HD and interactive DivX media files
* Ear drum rocking surround sound
* Publish your videos directly to DivX Stage6

Official Website: http://www.divx.com

Official download:
Local download

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