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I wonder if someone wants to install broadband like the author, so there is not much money, and there is no hope for it.

A few days ago, when I caught a kitten surfing the Internet and found a method for creating a router for a website, I had a whimsy and tried it myself. I feel that this method is really good. I would like to introduce it to you here, I hope that my friends who are in the "hot water" will be able to break away from the "Bitter Sea ".

If you use a Hub or Switch to connect to a LAN and use software such as sygate to share the Internet, the cost will be high, and the implementation will be quite troublesome. Imagine using such a device to share the Internet with others, your machine cannot be shut down for 24 hours, which is a kind of torment for the machine and yourself. I don't want to say anything about purchasing a vro. I have introduced this method with low investment and convenient implementation. Now, let's proceed to the topic.
First, I moved out of my Pentium-level old machine, pentiumloud, 16 M memory, and spent dozens of dollars to buy two RTL8029 NICs. After assembling them, the hardware was ready. Next you need to log on to the, from here to customize the router related software. After logging on to the website, click "simplified Chinese Text" and "software download" to go to the relevant page. If an error message is displayed, you must install the Java VM at I am using Win2000Pro, And the browser has built-in JVM ).

After the production wizard appears, click Next. A window appears asking you to enter the IP address and subnet mask of the router in the network. If there are no special requirements, this step does not need to be changed ). Select the CPU model and memory size. I use Pentium 133. Therefore, select "Intel Pentium Generic" and then select the memory capacity. Next, you are required to select the network card type to connect to the LAN. I will select the Tp-link RTL8029 10 M PCI network card. After selecting the NIC, you will be asked to enter the NIC interrupt number. I use a PCI Nic, so you do not need to enter it. If you are using an ISA Nic, you must enter it carefully. After the Intranet is configured, you need to set the network card used to connect to the Internet. Click Next and ask you to select the bandwidth type. I use ADSL and PPPoE. If it is a DHCP Lan, select DHCP, And the Modem must select the PPP protocol :-).

Then select the NIC and enter the interrupt number. The two NICs are the same, so the same is true. Then, you must enter the IP address segments and gateways of the machines that can access the Internet in the LAN. Next, check whether the parameters are correct. After you click Download, the system will generate a route program that meets your requirements. This is an image file named BBIagent. img.

Go back to the "software download" Page and check the Second Step. Download the image file write tool as required. If you are using the 95/98/MEOs operating system, download the bbiwrite.exe file. If I use a 32-bit operating system like 2000/XP, we can only choose rawrite.exe. This file supports writing disks in the DOS status. Put the image file and the writing tool in the same directory, such as G: BB. Start the machine with a DOS boot disk and run rawrite.exe in G: bb. then, you are required to select the path of the image file and enter G: BBbblagent. after img, you will be prompted to select the device you want to write the image to. By default, it is a soft drive. Insert a formatted high quality floppy disk into the soft drive. Then Enter. Wait a moment and the disk is fully written, in this way, a vro boot disk is ready. It is worth noting that the boot disk that has been written into the image file is in the Linux floppy disk boot format, not the FAT format. It cannot be read in Windows/DOS, nor can it be directly mounted to Linux. If no error message is displayed after the boot, it indicates that the disk is correctly written and the boot disk has been created.

Next, download the vro management software-BBIagent manager BBIagent. jar to the computer used to manage the vro in the future, that is, my own computer. Set the IP address to ~ The subnet mask is 255.255.0, the gateway is, And the DNS is After the vro is started, make sure that the computer in the network is in the same network segment as the router, and the computer in the network can Ping the router. Open IE, enter in the address bar, and press Enter. On the router page, enter the path of the Manager software and Click Upload. The router page is different from the previous one, after entering the default password "BBIagent", you can enter the vro Management page for various settings. Finally, do not forget to select "automatically connect after vro is started" and save the settings. In the future, even if the router is restarted for other reasons, as long as the floppy disk is in the soft drive, you do not have to worry that other users will lose the network. After the configuration is complete, click "Connect" to start working on the vro. If there is data transmission, you will find that the keyboard lights will flash. The keyboard lights are just as interesting as the Swith indicators.

After a period of use, I feel that the computer in the network is working very stably and the speed of opening the webpage is also very fast. This router works very stably. Because only the motherboard and network card related devices are working, the power consumption is very low. The monitor can be switched off only when it is started. In this way, a vro cannot be powered on once every 24 hours. I use it to share broadband Internet access with 11 machines in my neighbor. I pay 20 yuan for each person. I have paid the network fee and the electricity fee every month. In this way, why not?

The BBIagent production wizard and manager are application software written in Java language. Java Virtual Machine JVM must be installed in the computer system during runtime ). Most browsers have built-in JVM or support Java plug-in, so you can run the production wizard and manager in the browser. If your computer system or browser supports Java Network startup protocol JNLP), you can run it with JNLP. The production wizard and manager can also be used as independent application software to run in a computer system with a Java Runtime Environment.

If your computer system or browser does not support running Java applications, you can download the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) from the webpage of Sun Microsystems Inc ). The latest J2SE ver1.4 version includes Java Plug-in used by the browser and Java Web Start supporting JNLP.

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