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I believe many people still remember the high-tech camera in mission 3. Tom Cruise used the advanced 3D printing technology to print the model face and finally completed the task of impersonating others. Now someone has made such a 3D printer, but the goal of printing is food, not a good facial model. The printed raw material is sugar instead of ink.

Effect preview, right: before printing, left: after printing.

The name of the printer is the candyfab 4000 sugar 3D printer, produced by edevil mad scientist manuatories (Laboratory of Evil Scientists). The candyfab printer can now print images with precision of 5 PPI to 20 PPI, but it can only be used for food content, because it works by spraying heated sugar.

Hardware used by the printer and assembly process:

Control Chip

Old wooden box not required

Frame restructured with old wooden case

Frame photograph

The old HP printer needs its transmission mechanism

Transmission Mechanism

Assembly Process

Assembly Process

Printed raw sugar

Printed successfully

Effect after completion

Currently, candyfab is an open-source project and is seeking volunteers to help the technology keep improving.

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