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According to the survey conducted by foreign analysis agencies, Ubuntu Linux has become one of the important server platforms at present.

If you lack a file server in your network, storing and backing up important files on your network lacks a core component. You can choose between Ubuntu Linux and Windows Server to build your file server free of charge or from different systems.

Here's how to use a free method to build your file server, and all you need to prepare is an existing old computer.

Download Ubuntu system

The first is to find the download page, and then click on the server version of the download address. After downloading the latest version of the software, you burn the ISO file to the CD. So, you can start the server from the CD, the entire operating system installation will take about 20 minutes.

When the installation is complete, the operating system automatically starts to the command line prompt. At this point, you log in your name, press ENTER, add your password. Then, type the "sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop" command to unlock the graphical interface of the Ubuntu system.

The server version of Ubuntu usually contains only one command-line interface. After about 20 minutes, you can reboot the machine and use the mouse to manipulate your desktop.

Change IP Settings

If you are currently connected to a DHCP router, Ubuntu will not have any problems with the network link. When you are ready to start providing file services, you may want to manually configure the IP address to make it easier for the client to recover.

The system access, parameter settings, and network configuration are then changed. Click the IPV4 Settings tab and change to manual settings. Click Add IP Address, then select OK.

Finally, set up your router, either store a static address and dynamically send DHCP settings to other clients, or the entire network will have to manually set the IP address.

Add user

Add new users to systems, managers, users, and groups. Click the Unlock key, enter your password, and then click Verify. Click Add User, adding a new network login name and password, so repeat those users who need access to the server.

If they do not need access to the server, the configured profile does not require access, as long as it becomes a desktop user. Click Administrative Groups to add all users who need access to the server to a group.

Share files

Next, start by selecting the home folder that you want to share, either as a local property or as a shared property. Continue to open the next level of folders, activate the shared folder, and click Create a share.

If you want to give the entire group of users access to the folder, you can just open the permission table and set the appropriate group to open, close, write, delete the file permissions.

With these steps, a free file server is built with the Ubuntu system.

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