DIY host B150 motherboard and C232 motherboard which is good

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Intel's sixth-generation Skylake processor requires a 10-series motherboard, while the 10-series motherboard has Z170, B150, H170, H110, and C232 motherboards, B150 positioning the mainstream, C232 mainly with the six major server boards. So these two processors are different, small series in the computer Configuration B150 platform recommended many netizens commented that why not choose V5 Processor, and choose six I3/i5 processor, for such small white user small make up what can say, against being ignorant of small white spit trough. A friend who knows all about DIY motherboards know that B150 and C232 chipset motherboards are paired with different processors and don't mix. Then in the selection of the six-generation installation of the time, exactly B150 and C232 which is good? Today, the small series by C232 and B150 motherboard contrast, to tell you how to match, how to choose is more reasonable.

B150 and C232 which good C232 and B150 motherboard difference contrast

PS: Want to know B150 and C232 which good, small series from the two main board of several aspects of comparative analysis.

  B150 and C232 How to choose?

We know that inte in order to ban i7-6700k high-end processor to promote the six E3 God U and the introduction of the C232 chipset motherboard, which gives many players limited variety of matching options. Although the C232 motherboard when the price is a little expensive, but the choice of Xeon E3 1230 V5 is also a good choice. Then the problem comes, many players are very tangled is the B150 motherboard +i7 6700 platform and C232 motherboard +E3 1230 V5 platform How to choose? Below please see the analysis of the small series.

  Comparative analysis of price budget of ①b150 and C232 platforms

A lot of saving machine friends in the installed time is actually the first consideration or budget issues, so which platform price is more cost-effective, more prominent, it seems to be the choice of which platform for the first factor, the following we look at the above two platforms need the general cost.

E3 1230 V5 Scatter slice taobao price

Asus E3 PRO Gaming V5 motherboard Beijing East Price

I7 6700 pieces Taobao price

Gigabyte B150m-d3h Jing Dong Price

Take the May 25, 2016 Taobao lowest price, e3-1230v5 scattered Taobao price of about 1459 yuan, i7 6700 pieces of Taobao price of about 1779 yuan. C232 series motherboards are selected by the C232 motherboard for the higher price of ASUS E3 PRO gaming V5 motherboard, jingdong price of 1099 yuan; B150 Motherboard is to choose the more mainstream gigabyte B150M-D3H motherboard, Jingdong Price is 699 yuan, then these two collocation budget down, the total need for the budget cost is as follows.

  Comparison of C232+e3 1230-v5 and b150+i7-6700 budget

  Model Platform platform

Motherboard asus E3 PRO Gaming v5e3 1230-v5

CPU gigabyte b150m-d3hi7-6700

Total 1459 Yuan + 1099 yuan = 2558 yuan 1779 yuan + 699 Yuan = 2478 yuan

From the above budget report that, B150+i7 6700 with platform than C232+E3 1230 V5 platform is cheaper than 80 yuan, when these two platforms in terms of price, it is inevitable that some installed friends on the conclusion of B150+i7 6700 cost-effective, So this is not a comprehensive consideration, we need further verification and analysis.

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