DIY is not the best way to implement SD-WAN, diy does not implement sd-wan

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DIY is not the best way to implement SD-WAN, diy does not implement sd-wan

WAN is not designed for the load that most autumn leaves need to process at present, and the data requirements of distributed enterprises are increasing exponentially; almost all enterprises use cloud computing technology in some form. The Internet of Things is constantly expanding the scope of the network. The devices connected to the network far exceed servers, PCs, tablets, and smart phones. As a result, many are eager to transform to a software-defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) to respond to these growing demands.

SD-WAN reflects the continuous evolution of software-defined IT assets and increasingly relies on Virtualization to make these assets available on demand. However, few organizations have powerful capabilities to replace the core components of existing infrastructure, such as MPLS, which provides service priority and service quality management.

MPLS has always been the preferred solution for connecting branches to headquarters and data centers and connecting branches to each other. However, when bandwidth changes are involved to adapt to changing business needs, using MPLS to provide services will become abnormal and time-consuming and relatively inflexible.

SD-WAN provides a flexible and dynamic network infrastructure that enables organizations to quickly provision and manage digital services. It is a specific application of Software Defined Network (SDN). It selects an access connection to achieve optimal performance, so as to effectively route data traffic over the WAN.

"In the past, customers typically established a single connection with their branches, but SD-WAN allowed enterprises to aggregate multiple types of Network connections to their branches," said Brandon, senior editor for Network World, it also has a software management platform. Achieve high availability and automatically prioritize traffic. SD-WAN can save customers the cost of expensive customized Wan acceleration hardware, allowing them to run software Overlay on cheaper commercial hardware.

Simply putting SD-WAN devices in a branch isn't necessarily a solution to complex network needs, says Steve Garson, founder of SD-WAN-Experts: "enterprises need firewalls, IPS, anti-malware, URL filtering, and anti-virus to ensure security. Internally, the network requires Active Directory, DHCP, DNS, and print services. Outside, the edge may require WAN optimization, bandwidth management, QOS, traffic balance, and SD-WAN ."

Few organizations have internal resources to integrate and manage the environment of stacked network devices, especially if they also want to use existing infrastructure. Instead, they are more likely to benefit from providing SD-WAN services for dynamic hybrid networks and the ability to integrate multiple network connections using MPLS, IPsec, broadband, and LTE, in this way, it is best to meet the needs of different branches.

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