DIY: Using Arduino to make smart home system

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DIY: Using Arduino to make smart home system

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Geek Fan · 2015-04-29 20:37

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Smart Home System is simply a combination of automation control system, computer network system and network communication technology in one of the networked intelligent home control system.

This article shows the smart Home system can be indoor and outdoor temperature, weather changes and door and window switch changes to monitor, the function is relatively single, but more is to provide you crossing a train of thought, hope after reading can have some harvest. In addition, this article is based on the principle of smart home system and how to use it, the code file will be downloaded in the original text, including the Arduino and Android app source code and APK file.

DIY materials (all materials cost about $):

Arduino, Ethernet module enc28j60, 2*DS18B20 temperature sensor, microphone module, Raindrop sensor, IR sensor, reed switch, relay, 4/7,000 ohm resistor, twisted pair, cable, soldering tool, screwdriver

Wiring diagram and principle introduction

Wire it as shown in the previous figure, and then enter the code at the end of the text into the Arduino IDE.

Workflow as shown above, the sensor monitors the data and sends it to the Arduino in real time, the phone or computer sends a request to the Arduino to view the data, and the Arduino responds to the request, and the final data is displayed on your phone or computer as a page.

Android App Description

Upload the apk file to your phone and install it. After the installation is complete, you can click the Settings button to set the IP address and whether to enable the alarm system.

When you start the alarm, the infrared sensor will alert you if it monitors anomalies in your home.

Browser Settings Description

First you need to open your router to set up the IP, and open 80 port, then you can access the IP through the browser.

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