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Recently, I often see the introduction of Django-related extensions on this page. I don't think it is necessary to write a post on an extension.

The previously compiled Django resource list is transferred from my wiki.

Looking for Django resources, the Wiki on the official website is also a good place.


  • Django Official Website
  • Django document
  • Django step by step was the best getting started tutorial for Django, but this tutorial is targeted at 0.95 and has changed many places.
  • Django reusable app Design
  • Django best practices: A Better branch of Django reusable app design. This document is required by every Django developer.
  • Django best practices for Chinese Translation
  • Django book a free Django ebook
  • Django book Chinese Translation
  • Djangosnippets is a Django code snippet website. You can find Django code snippets of some applications. The site is written in Django and the source code is developed.
  • Djangosites introduces many useful Django websites. In addition, you can find many Django sites with source code. However, I personally don't think there are many site codes worth reference.
Websites built using Django
  • The Django official website of Django uses Django to build the website and provides code. The main functions on the Django official website are implemented by the Integrated Trac, so there are few lines of Django code on the website.
  • Haibao is said to be the most popular Django site. As far as I know, the traffic of this website is indeed a little too large to imagine. The website should have traffic close to csdn. However, this website static a large number of pages. It should not be objective enough to evaluate Django's performance based on the standards of this website.
  • Another Django site in China has good traffic. As a user of the website, I feel that the website's response speed is not very fast. It seems that haokan book requires more efforts in server optimization.
Django open-source project
  • Pinax is the most valuable Django open-source project I have seen. Pinax can be seen as a scaffold of Django. She provided a quick start to a new Django project and demonstrated how to use a large number of third-party apps. Django's app quality is uneven. If you want to select an app, you can check which apps are integrated in pinax. Apps integrated in pinax are usually not too bad. In addition, pinax also includes some useful apps, such as blogs.
    If you want to learn about pinax as quickly as possible, you can go to have a look. This is an SNS website built with pinax.
  • Satchmo online shop system. Looking at her introduction, it seems that many people are already using it.
  • For the LFS (lightning fast Shop) online shop system, the demo seems to be inclined to the housing transaction platform. Some commercial websites have begun to use the system, for example.
  • Reviewboard is a very promising code review tool. VMware was first in use and then open-source.
Django reusable app CMS
  • Comparison of Django CMS apps comparison Django CMS apps
  • Comparison of Django Forum apps comparison Django Forum apps
  • Django-debug-toolbar provides debugging functions for Django sites. It allows you to view SQL statements generated by Django and the execution time of SQL statements. However, because jquery is used for this component, it seems that some websites that use jquery cannot work normally.
  • Django-db-log saves Django exceptions to the database.
  • Add SQL logs to Django-logging. View the SQL statements used on the current page and the execution time on the website page. Functions are much weaker than Django-debug-toolbar, but if Django-debug-toolbar destroys your page, try this.
Database Upgrade

During project development, changes to the table structure are inevitable. Django currently does not support automatic update of the table structure, but many third-party apps are involved. These apps have their own unique characteristics. The specific choice depends on your preferences.

  • Schemaevolution describes the wiki page for Django Database Upgrade. You can find related apps on this page.
  • The Django-Registry registration function supports email activation for accounts.
  • Django-tagging adds the tagging function for the site
  • Django-voting Function
  • Django-Ajax-validation uses ajax to verify the form, which must be supported by jquery. This component can only be verified. If you need to add the Ajax form submission function, you also need to manually modify it.
  • Django-announcements: the announcement is displayed only once. You can set public sending objects (owner, specified user, and login user ).
  • Django-Avatar adds the personal Avatar setting function for users. Supports user upload portraits.
  • Django-dbtemplates saves Django's template in the database and uses cache to accelerate template loading. In this way, you can easily edit the template through admin. I think this should be used to implement some simple CMS functions, but it seems that it is not very useful.
  • Django-microblogging a microblog similar to Twitter
  • The Django-notification message distribution component is used to implement the latest functions similar to those of friends.
  • Django-pagination is a set of page turning related utils, including tags used for page turning.
  • Django-robots manages robots.txt through adminof django. I think it is better to directly edit the robots.txt file for admin management.
  • Django-messages implements the function of intra-site messages. At present, the function of this component is still relatively weak, although the author is restructuring, but it seems that the progress is slow. If necessary, I may enhance the component.
  • The Django-threadedcomments comments component can add comments to any models.
  • Django-extensions some global management extensions. This includes enhancements to the create_app and features such as using werkzeug as the development server.
  • Django-Uni-form render forms in Div Mode
  • The Django-timezones Time Zone setting component allows you to set your own time zone.
  • Django-bookmarks management component
  • After you set the email address, Django-email-confirmation sends a confirmation email to your mailbox. Click the link in the email to confirm the validity of the email address.
  • The Django-mailer enhancement component records failure logs when the email fails to be sent.
  • The Django-friends friend component allows you to invite users to become friends.
  • Django-locations seems to be a region-based social network that requires the support of yaohoo map.
  • The Django-oembed media (video, etc.) content is embedded to automatically convert the media connection to the correct HTML code.
  • Django-swaps is an easy-to-use platform, for example, using PSP for NDS.
  • The Django-wikiapp wiki component supports multiple wiki syntaxes. However, the function of this component is still relatively simple, for example, attachments are not supported.
  • Django-mptt is used to generate an app with a tree list. If you think it will automatically generate a complete tree for you, you will be wrong. She is just a set of tools. I don't think it is very easy to use. Do you have any advantages.
  • Django-photologue image management, image uploading, and thumbnail display.
  • An extension of Django-filebrowser Django-admin, which can be used to manage files on the server directly. I have never used this thing, but it feels great to read the introduction.
  • A workflow engine on goflow Django, inspired by openflow. I have never used this thing, and I don't know much about the workflow, so I don't know whether it is good or not. However, this seems to be the only workflow app on Django.

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