DLink router cannot log in admin interface how to handle

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Tags get ip reset is the router default management IP, this IP has been built into the router chip, so access to this interface computer does not need to surf the Internet. To ensure that the configuration is accurate, it is recommended that the computer and the router to connect with the network cable first, after configuring the router, you can unplug the connection between the computer and the router, wireless Internet access.


Check the network connection
Broadband cable Router Internet port, the computer connects the Router 1, 2, 3, 4 any LAN port, the routed power source is energized. Make sure that the corresponding LAN port lights are lit, if you do not check the connection or replace the computer to the router LAN port network cable

Verify that the login management interface is in the correct way

Open the browser, enter in the address bar, note: Do not add www, "." For the English input method under the small point.

Troubleshoot IE browser problems
Open IE Browser, click "Tools", click "Internet Options", click "Connect" and select "Never dial Connection". Click on "LAN Settings" to ensure that the front of the small hook do not tick.

Click "General" and click "Delete ..." to delete the following information.

Test whether to enter the interface

Make sure your computer IP settings are correct

Make sure your computer's IP is set to automatically get IP
To set up a computer to automatically obtain the IP method please refer to:

Reset Router

The router in the normal working state, with a relatively sharp object, such as the back line needle length by the router back panel of the reset small hole 8 seconds after release. Wait about 40 seconds after the router is started, and then test whether to enter (Note: Low time and 5 seconds above 10 seconds may result in unsuccessful reset)

Reboot the Router
The router power off, and so a small will be plugged in the power, and so about 40 seconds after the router started. Re-test can enter

Change your browser or computer
Replace the browser landing, if you still do not login recommended to replace other terminal connection router settings, such as using a mobile phone or pad wireless connection router to set up.

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