DLink routers often interrupt wireless signals

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1. To see if the wireless network card wireless router in the same room, if the interval is similar to the wall barrier, it is recommended that the wireless network card and router in the near distance barrier-free use of the case, determine whether the obstruction caused by the signal attenuation caused by instability.

2. If there are other wireless devices around, or microwave, cordless phone (2.4GHZ, microwave transmission of equipment) because of different wireless devices if the same or similar channel, will affect the respective signal, then you can try to change the channel to exclude this dry?? deg;. (Some wireless routers can be set to channel automatic selection) the following figure:

3. Check wireless for encryption, it is recommended to set the encryption mode to WEP. (in "Home" → "Wireless Network" → "Safe way", choose WEP)

4. If none of the above operation can be solved, the equipment may be reset or upgraded.

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