DMP version modification tool (C #)

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DMP version modification tool (C #)

When using oracle to import the dmp file, the following error occurs: "IMP-00010: the exported file is not valid. Title Verification Failed. IMP-00000: Import failed :", now we can use the DMP version modification tool to modify it.

Recently, when I used oracle to import a dmp file, since I don't know how to export the dmp file, whether it was exported using exp or expdp, I had a long struggle, finally, I thought about whether I could view some auxiliary information about the dmp file, so I had this tool.

The following error is reported during dmp import.

IMP-00010: the exported file is not valid. Title verification fails. IMP-00000: Import failed.

It is said that there are two possible reasons: one is that the file itself is corrupted, and the other is a version problem. data exported in the higher version is often imported to the lower version. The solution is to modify the dmp file. The dmp file header contains about 9 bytes and identifies the version number for header verification. For a very large dmp, we cannot open it directly in a text editor, so we need to look for information and write a tool. A 12 GB file of the local machine has been tested.

The tool is easy to use. Select a file, identify the version, and change it to the version value of the oracle on the import end in the format. Then, the data can be imported to the 11G-10G for testing.

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