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Introduction to the classification link module:

Recently, we have made some improvements to the classification link module:
1. Implemented the search interface function and the effect

2. Fixed the issue of "constraint 'fk _ clinks_modules 'conflict" when the module is permanently deleted (deleted in the recycle bin.

Super classification module: supercategories PA beta 1.zip
Classification link module: clinks PA v1.1.zip

Installation steps:(If you need to install the super classification module for the first installation, the installation steps are the same as below)
1. Log On As the host and choose host Management> module definition.
2. Click "upload new module" to go to the file upload page.
3. Select the module package to be installed, click "add", and then click "Upload File.

Update and install the same as above

You can modify the getsearchresults stored procedure as follows:

Create   Procedure DBO. getsearchresults
  @ Portalid   Int ,
  @ Word   Nvarchar ( 100 )
Select Si. searchitemid,
Sw. Word,
SiW. occurrences,
SiW. occurrences +   1000   As Relevance,
M. moduleid,
TM. Tabid,
Si. title,
Si. description,
Si. Author,
Si. pubdate,
Si. searchkey,
Si. guid,
Si. imagefileid,
U. firstname +   '   '   + U. lastname As Authorname
From Searchword SW
  Inner   Join Searchitemword SiW On Sw. searchwordsid = SiW. searchwordsid
  Inner   Join Searchitem Si On SiW. searchitemid = Si. searchitemid
  Inner   Join Modules m On Si. moduleid = M. moduleid
  Left   Outer   Join Tabmodules TM On Si. moduleid = TM. moduleid
  Inner   Join Tabs t On TM. Tabid = T. Tabid
  Left   Outer   Join Users u On Si. Author = U. userid
(M. startdate Is   Null ) Or ( Getdate () > M. startdate )) And (M. enddate Is   Null ) Or ( Getdate () < M. enddate )))
  And (T. startdate Is   Null ) Or ( Getdate () > T. startdate )) And (T. enddate Is   Null ) Or ( Getdate () < T. enddate )))
  And (SW. Word Like   ' % '   +   @ Word + ' % ' ) -- Modified location
  And (T. isdeleted =   0 )
  And (M. isdeleted =   0 )
  And (T. portalid =   @ Portalid )

Some search problems are caused by the fact that the search mechanism in dnn does not adapt to Chinese culture. Will be written laterArticleLet's take a closer look at dnn's search principles and look for solutions.


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