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Yesterday I wanted to set up a computer with Windows 2003 server as a server with domain name resolution, www browsing, and FTP. Refer to the relevant information for
After DNS settings, the ping command is checked in Windows 2003, but the prompt for "Unknow host" is always present. How do I properly configure my DNS?
The DNS settings, do you want to set up additional projects?
A: DNS, Web browsers, and FTP browsers can coexist on a single server, and there is no conflict between them. Causes DNS to fail to resolve because of the
In the next few areas:

First, the DNS settings are incorrect. In Windows 2003 server (that is, the DNS server), set the DNS server in IP address information to "" and
On other computers, you should set the IP address of the Windows 2003 server.

Second, DNS forwarding is not set. To resolve domain names in the Internet, you must set up DNS forwarding in the DNS server. Click start → process
Order → Administrative Tools →dns, right-click the DNS computer and select Properties from the shortcut menu. Select the Forwarders dialog box and select the Enable forwarders check
box, and in the IP Address text box, type the IP address of the local ISP's DNS server.

Third, set the Windows 2003 server server as the root domain controller. The DNS server cannot be the root domain controller, but it can be a normal domain controller.

IV, other failures, such as virus infection, cause the DNS service to fail, try to install system security patches and anti-worm patches, and restart the computer.

In addition, if you want to realize the Internet resolution of the domain name, you must apply to the domain name registration authority to register the domestic or international domain name and apply for the DNS Host service.

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DNS server rent a server How much money Hong Kong best cloud data

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