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DNS Services : is the domain name resolution, such as itbdw.tk is only a domain name, the actual access to the IP address, we enter the domain name, and then through the DNS server resolution to the corresponding IP, you can visit the site.

a record : Each host on the Internet has an IP address and has 4 sets of numbers. These numbers are used. Separate, for example, an IP address can be This IP address is too difficult to remember, and it's too difficult to communicate with your friends or business partners. So in order to simplify it, Internet users use domain names to identify IP addresses. Therefore, we can more easily replace as itbdw.tk. This is the same reason that you associate a name with a phone number in your address book. A record (a) is simply an allocation pattern for an IP address.

URL Forwarding : is a jump, and then the white point is to turn. For example, enter http://thehost1free.tk/in the browser, and then what? You will understand, oh, it is so simple.

MX record : All of the world's e-mail programs must know where they are sending mail. This section is also assigned in DNS, which is called a mail exchange for domain names [mail exchange (MX)]. A mail exchange should be a specific host on the Internet that matches your domain name. An MX record is the assignment of one or more mail exchanges to a domain name.

NS record : refers to the domain name management system name server, is the resolved server.

CNAME records : CNAME records are aliases for domain name names. Computers on the Internet often have multiple functions, such as a network server (web-server), a file Transfer server (Ftp-server), or a chat server (chat-server). To hide it, a CNAME record can provide multiple names (aliases) for one computer. For example, a computer yourdomain.tk may be both a network server and a file transfer server, so two CNAME records are defined as: www.yourdomain.tk = yourdomain.tk and ftp.yourdomain.tk = yourdomain.tk.

DNS settings:

(The following is an example of TK.) )

You can use the DNS provided by TK

Psid=1 "/>

For example I want to set itbdw.tk, while the space IP is, when we set up the DNS server, type A, the host name filled itbdw.tk corresponding IP address fill, so the server will be recorded, You will be able to enter the domain name directly after the visit.

Of course, you can also use your own (or space requirements must change NS records)

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