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Hair outside the chain is one of the most basic work of SEO. Now or outside the Chain Commissioner Bully era, an SEO office may account for more than 60%. The general outside the chain Commissioner is called the bitter force of that group of people, they often say they do is the manual work, do not want to think, that is, keep tapping the keyboard to hit the mouse, a day production of several Baisi or even thousands.

This daily batch manufacturing outside the chain is a typical outside the chain Commissioner, they feel that they are bitter, because the understanding of the external chain is not very in place. Some people to the SEO work is simply divided into the chain and two blocks inside the station, and the importance of the chain can not be shaken, and even think that the core of SEO is hair outside the chain. In fact, often the hair outside the chain hanging in the mouth is the outside of the chain Commissioner, they just completed the most basic work of the chain construction, is that issued to the work, and behind the external chain construction planning is not done in place.

For SEO, no hair outside the chain, said that the exact point should be outside the chain of construction. Hair outside the chain with the construction of the difference, that is, hair outside the chain is just a simple action, while the chain construction contains strategic thinking inside. Outside the chain is really an important part of SEO, but to have the effect, must have a planning to send. The strategy of the outer chain construction should at least consider the following questions:

First of all, the construction of the chain should be based on the timeline of a work, that is, the site must be based on the site phase of the construction of the chain, know which period should not be hair, how to send. Generally speaking, the new station before the line can not send outside the chain, otherwise easy to be judged as excessive optimization. Website online, included before can send a small amount of outside the chain, every day 35 can be, on the one hand is to guide spiders, the other is the cumulative credit. To be included in the site, you can be included and snapshots of the changes in the situation slowly increase the chain, steadily increase, from less to more, avoid ups and downs. This is just a general time sequence, different industries, different domain names and different types of Web sites need to be fine-tuned according to the actual.

Secondly, the construction of the chain and key words should be closely linked to the screening. The rational allocation of keywords and URLs of the external chain ratio is to ensure that the external chain is not unbalanced basis. A lot of people hair outside the chain is pulling a brand word keep sending home page link, this kind of practice is and uncoordinated, will let Baidu feel the site outside the chain construction has excessive optimization suspicion. The more healthy outside chain layout should be the home page word, the column word and the long tail word reasonable allocation, assumes the tree structure the state, simultaneously publishes the time to need according to the keyword the heat, the user search term and so on factor comprehensive consideration, first easy after difficult, gradually covers.

Thirdly, the selection of the platform should also embody the external chain strategy, which mainly takes into account the life cycle of the outer chain. If the chain is all placed in the forum, the volatility of the chain is very large, not conducive to the stability of the rankings. Therefore, in the proportion of the platform should be balanced to consider the forum, blog, classification information, such as soft text structure, as far as possible to spread out the chain, not too many outside the chain in a basket.

Finally, the place that can embody the strategy, also should do the difference of the outside chain. If your chain structure is too popular, there are only two results, one is unable to stand out, and the other is likely to be catch. Hair outside the chain can refer to other people's publishing platform and publish means, but must pay attention to set hundred Director, on this basis also have their own some advantages, can not blindly follow, do not think enterprising. For example, some people swarmed platform do not go to the fun, because it is usually the hardest hit by pollution, it is likely that all belong to the outer chain of garbage. The scarcity of the chain is an increasingly important aspect of the present.

It can be seen that the simple hair outside the chain with the construction of the chain is still a big difference. Although your identity is outside the chain Commissioner, but you do not think of yourself as a day to do the same work, to play their own creativity and initiative, to discover and explore.

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