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Occasionally I hear product managers and interactive design complaints, visual design and original planning is too different, I have encountered similar situation. The reason for this is that most of the problems in communication have arisen.

Effective communication, the equivalence of information is very important. This equivalence includes both making visual design understand product requirements as early as possible, acquiring information that is equivalent to other people, and communicating with each other in the field of knowledge and understanding each other's areas of content.

For the interaction designer, visual design is the most cooperative part, and the interactive prototype should be presented in visual form in the eyes of the users. Therefore, understanding some visual design, it is easier to pass the interactive solution to the user. At the same time, interactive design as a multi-disciplinary intersection of positions, understand some of the vision is their ability to improve. Zhuge Liang has a good saying, what knows a little bit, life will be a little more colorful.

To cut to the chase, to introduce you to some of the visual principles, in order to better understand, I give a micro-blog example.

Express Product Style by font

In visual design, the choice of font for the performance of the product style is obvious, the same paragraph of text, with different fonts to write, feeling really vary.

Microblogging the most commonly used in the release box, the top "What's new to tell you" using the Hua Kang doll body, reflecting the microblogging release anytime, very easy product feeling. If the font to replace the "XXFarEastFont-Arial" and "Microsoft Ya Bold", not feel like the daily, is completely without style, experience is much worse.

Home Page This sensational text through the handwriting (FZJINGLEIS-R-GB), in the form of diary, to express the Medal of Life, record the growth of the product feel, if replaced by the general font, feeling is gone.

Product positioning by color display

By color to show the product positioning, but also the designer must use the method. The early stage of visual design research, often through the emotional version of the target users to refine the color, forming a set of color scheme.

Purple, Keywords: elegant, noble, feminine, solemn, sacred, mature, depth, mystery, fashion. Micro-music as the starting platform for music positioning, purple more highlight the fashion charm.

Red, Key words: Art, enthusiastic, open, passionate, positive, energetic, festive, life, mature. Micro-live broadcast to reflect the pomp, passionate red is very suitable.

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