Do not forget beginner's mind, firmly forward!

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If you go too far, you forget why you started. Although know to rebuild this is an established end, when it comes, but also a bit unprepared. Standing at the threshold of 105, I have only a few choices have begun to emerge, wandering there, the difficulties have, thinking more and more problems. PHP I'm not yet? What's the value of the pass? What am I going to do? The future of life, how do I do? No clue at all. All these questions were put in the moment and had to face it. Many times have to succumb to the constraints of external forces, how to be able to hold their own heart, guarding the original dream, for me is a difficult task. I know the road to the dream, it must not be a smooth road, if there is no thorn in the decoration, the success may not be so beautiful. Perhaps in the path of hard work to let us tired, perhaps every night of the books to make us sleepy, but from another point of view, this is not to give us the trial, the tide of sand to see gold, can pass this trial process, I believe that we complete the transformation of the moment. The more chaotic the time, the more need to reflect, the more confused time, the more need to precipitate. Every time I inquiry my heart, my own knowledge will become more profound. Still remember just enrolled me, carrying a pure and dream, the scenery is vivid in the eyes, the music in the ear is the most beautiful, wandering in the sea of the musical, slowly toward their dreams. After nearly two months, in the near-end of a project, I silently ask myself, you insist on the road, whether or not the original selected appearance? At the beginning of the dream, it is the realm we desire to reach. It can give us a positive and enterprising power, find the direction of life, and firmly forward. It could be the last straw that crushed the camel. I believe those who greet the morning of the first ray of morning listening to the hard, those deep night still try to figure out a character code writing techniques of focus, as well as those who repeatedly practiced the basic skills of countless times, like a grain of humble dust, will be in the haste of the years to pile up the prototype of the dream. Most of the time, I would rather face a thorn in the difficult journey, and do not want to look back in the past when the sigh of regret the hypothesis, if more efforts at that time, the results will not be the same? I understand that it was only a loser who had betrayed beginner's mind's repentance, not half a cent of the actual meaning. What success in this world is not a monument of sweat and tears? Even a blade of grass, all need to struggle and persist. This long road, I need to trek alone, on the back of the pack a day heavier than one day, but I can not give up, this is my mission here. Do not forget beginner's mind, meditation practice, to reach the end of the other shore. In this quiet and tenacious insistence, pure purer, more generous, aware of the precious youth, so not to waste the slightest time. In the polishing of time, youth has not faded, I believe there will be a second re-sublimation. This five months is a youth drama, in the finalizing of the moment, the same is another long journey of lifeThe starting point, I hope we can all bring this blessing and encouragement, with a firm mind and perseverance to start, do not forget beginner's mind, Fang must always ... Free to receive the Lamp Brothers and original PHP tutorial CD/"Detailed PHP" Essentials Edition, details of the website customer service: Http://www.lampbrother.netPHPCMS two times development /index.php?u=5 Development of HTTP://YUN.ITXDL.CN/ONLINE/WEIXIN/INDEX.PHP?U=5 Mobile Internet server-side development Index.php?u=5javascript Course Http:// Training Camp Index.php?u=5
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