Do not let the dream of programming die, we have to prop up their own piece of Blue sky,! "The Dream of Not Dying"-"Badboy"

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———————————————————————— Maybe you're still a minor child now! But that's not an excuse.

T Childhood smile has long been the past dream in the bud!

you'll die in your dreams it? Or in the middle of a premature death!

I also ponder the path of the dream is how far away, you have to do programmer dream of netizens, how far away from you success? I pray silently that we are using sweat to shape their wings! We're flying to the blue Sky!!!!!!!

are you still sleeping in bed? Still looking for various reasons to rest? Still sinking in your endless lazy excuses? Maybe you should wake up! Dream is always a dream, if you want to dream success! Please put your dream under your tough pace!

No matter how, let that my small body to prop up their own program of the Blue sky! Dream is not far away, at our feet!

I'm not going to concede! This is not obsession but belongs to my road!

The dream of Not dying


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