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This article mainly introduces how to set the vro password, where to start, Environment configuration, password settings, and specific operations. The following articles will provide detailed answers.

If problems occur with these devices, all the computers of the employees of the company will not be able to access the Internet smoothly. To protect the security of routers and switches, you must add a high-security password for the routing switch device. However, I recently encountered a misunderstanding when setting the vro password. The direct consequence is that a wrong password is caused by incorrect operations and cannot log on to the vro management interface.

I. Environment Introduction

The Network egress of the Organization is achieved by connecting optical fiber through Huawei's 2621 router to optical cat. Ethernet Port 1 is connected to optical cat, and Ethernet Port 2 is connected to subordinate switch devices. To improve device security, I want to add a user and password to the Huawei 2621 vro, and set the vro password as management permission.

II. The whole process of Setting Errors

The author uses the conventional method to set the vro password for the routing switch device.

Step 1: use the "telnet IP Address" command to log on to the Huawei 2621 router. Set the Administrator account and password to enter the Management Interface (figure 1 ).

Step 2: run the "local-user root service-type administrator" command to modify the command of the root administrator account.

Step 3: Since I have been familiar with many Cisco devices before, I believe other network administrators are familiar with Cisco router devices, in addition, Cisco and Huawei 3Com devices are used in combination within the organization. Therefore, I am used to frequently passing commands "?" To query its parameters. Therefore, when executing a command, you can add "?" at the end of the command. (Space ?).

Step 4: How can I keep using it? Enter and modify the password information of the root account in the query method. However, after adding the password parameter, "?" is still used. When the command is complete, press "" and then press Enter.

Step 5: After the vro password is set, disconnect the session and log on to the vro again. However, the system prompts that the user cannot log on normally after entering username as root and password as 111111, incorrect password.

Iii. Problem Solving

Why does the password not take effect? It takes a long time to solve the problem. Here, I will only tell you the result. I finally found that the problem occurs in the habitual operation. Because I am used to setting the router, I often use "?". To query the subsequent commands. Therefore, when setting the password, enter "?" (Space ?), This is equivalent to adding a space and a question mark after the set password 111111 string. After you enter a space question mark, the vro management interface will prompt you to directly press "enter" to set the vro password. However, you must note that the cursor is behind the space. That is to say, if you press enter at this time, it is equivalent to setting the password to "111111", resulting in an additional space. I also changed the root password to "111111" when I press Enter ". Therefore, "111111" cannot be used to log on to the system normally. Therefore, you must use "111111" for access. After knowing the root cause of the problem, I reset the password and removed unnecessary spaces.

Iv. Summary

From this failure, we can see that the problem occurs in the regionalization of vro password settings, ignoring the "space" parameter added at the end of the command, resulting in a password access error. This space makes setting troublesome and deserves the attention of our administrators who often manage Routing Switching devices. You should also pay attention to this kind of casual error in the actual setting process.

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