Do not pursue new heights in integrated cabling systems

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Alternative Technology for cabling systems

Let's look at the comparison of the two technologies in the cabling system:

Through the comparison above, we can see that the advantage of optical fiber has reached the limit. What I want to explain is that if we have enough funds for our users, in addition, it is hoped that the desktop level system can meet the needs of various current and future applications and have a lifecycle of over 15 or 20 years, therefore, we recommend that you do not use copper cables as the horizontal line for cabling to the desktop. It is the best solution to directly use optical fiber cables to the desktop. At least the optical fiber cables and copper cables can be shared, especially compared with the seven-class cabling system, the cost-effectiveness of optical fiber cables should be better.

It is not only because of the advantages of optical fiber itself. With the popularization of networked buildings and networked homes, all application systems in our buildings will achieve intelligent IP network, and there will be no analog communication signals, this is also the time for the popularization and application of optical fiber systems. In addition, in horizontal optical fiber cabling, the more expensive OM3 10-Gigabit optical fiber is not required, and the cheaper OM2 gigabit optical fiber can be used, because one is that our horizontal cabling distance is no more than 90 meters, and the other is the application of the new Ethernet 10-Gigabit Optical Fiber standard 10GBASE-LRM), so that our OM1 and OM2 optical fiber cables, the transmission distance can reach 300 m at 10g.

Therefore, replacing copper with optical fiber cables is an inevitable trend in the future. No matter in commercial office buildings or residential buildings, the broadband construction will be carried by an unparalleled Optical Fiber System, let our work and life truly embark on the era of high speed.

The cabling viewpoint is over. I hope you will learn more and think more. If we combine the previous articles, we will be more helpful to everyone's understanding: the Integrated Wiring System should not blindly pursue new heights.

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