Do station difficult, do stationmaster difficult, make a good stationmaster more difficult

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Do the station difficult, do personal station more difficult, do a good personal station that more difficult! There is no practice before, there is no experience. Now the establishment of the station is just March, send a bit of emotion.

I started in 2002 more frequent contact with the network, because it is not very obsessed with the game, also not keen on the net chat. There will be more time to look at large and small websites.

At that time, limited capacity conditions, have to do the idea of the station, unfortunately, no results, (see "Five Years Free Webmaster Road") To do things look back, all is very rough, simple. Because the starting point is their ability to upgrade, started on the road is not using ready-made procedures, all handwritten code, hehe ~ ', very tired. A lot of people basically disdain, but personal feeling is good, to the level that still has to improve quickly. In fact, I also work hard to learn to use all kinds of ready-made web site systems, and some of the prospect. If you start with a different choice, you may be in a different situation now.

2007 years ago, basically no station, there is no tired premise! March 15, CN sale, April 9 also registered the first of their own domain name, (previously handled hundreds of names is to give others note) two years, and finally have the power to build a complete website. Stand do not difficult, originally in early 2006, I spent 7 days to write a set of procedures, on the network also hung drift more than a year, 12 13th new name also used up.

A new name, especially the new name of the CN Tide, the volume is really not easy to do. In addition to their own set of stations, the content is not a lot, want to do, do not focus on energy, it is not possible, the original program hung for a year, the daily amount of IP can basically be ignored. Site traffic does not go on, time is long. A lot of people will 慯 lose interest. More than a year, the old procedures have not been changed.

April 12 started the domain name, also began to stay up late fighting, every night after the turn point. Gratified that the results are still some, number 19th to see, their own by Baidu included the home page. Unfortunately, do not know what the reason, Baidu in number 22nd, put my station as an unregistered site, from Baidu to go in on the hint to the record, but not the home page of my station, direct address access point of no problem. Baidu included the situation can be imagined! I originally also enabled two level three domain name BBS BAR, those two to not be prompted, a few days was received more than 10 pages, I site article in total only Bedos point. Perhaps this score in the master seems more not worth mentioning, but I am a rookie, I think it is very gratifying!

I am shy, or do not have to boil to the CN sale, make a station, how many also hope to rely on station, or next year can not play down, 20th, hurriedly hung Gg, expect him to solve next year's site continue to open space domain name fee, can a little extra money is better! At that time, there are no more than hundred IP every day, all rely on hard work, the search source or zero. No search of the day, tired, still bitter. The contents of the daily hard work, no effect. But we have to stick to it.

I admire a lot of high man said lightly loose three months 3000IP, hehe ~ ~, now my station also has three months. Unfortunately, it can only be maintained at hundreds of IP. Most of the time to more than 1900 IP. Maybe it's not enough to put your energy into it, and now there is no first stage to endure. However, compared to the beginning stage, the station has been a great upgrade, a three-month station, IP to get more than 1000, I think it is the next time! Give yourself a little narcissism. haha ~ ~

Three months, find a place to write a few strokes, to commemorate. It is really not easy to do the station now! GG A few minutes a day, do not know when to be able to pay the bottom line? Baidu just read today, the business was sealed, hey! No mood, stop the pen.

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