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Website Making money

1. Download class site: Advantages: It is easy to pull up popularity, do not need a lot of publicity, update also not like the news
Disadvantages: Too much, hehe, in addition, if it is not stolen, you have to consider how long your space can sustain. Therefore, the personal view, the personal site is not suitable to do rely on or occupy resources (space, bandwidth, manpower, etc.) too big project.
2. AV Category: Now is anti-piracy, to royalties, lawsuits, careful will find you, long-term development potential is not (personal opinion, for reference only)
3. Forum Chat Room Class: If not crazy hobby or obsession, suggest not to waste your precious entrepreneurial time
4. Literature: Not very clear later profit model, do not dare to speak:
5. URL class: This is not bad, lazy people's mode, do not update, OH, how to profit is your business
6. Portal Category: Admiration, body and editing, journalist, technology, author, CEO, manager. With a cow!
Suggested types of sites to consider:
1. Local professional service sites: Rich information, easy to manage, easy to be successful (easy to be acquired by large sites, this is a problem to consider)
2. web-based applications: If you are very familiar with the internet (nonsense), and very love of clothing (assuming), you can do an online clothing store, products need to go to the street to find a reason and you work with the boutique, they give the price
You will be able to operate, waiting for profit, of course, you would like to make a introduction of your tea there site, I would not object to ... Haha, I know a young man about 22 years old, 2 years ago bought a space of 350 yuan, find a free store program, do a data line of the site, purchase, webmaster, shipping is a person, now has to make a monthly income of more than 10,000.
3. Web-based services: That is like us, the provision of space domain name, such as proxy services, I know a friend, in his college students are addicted to chat, forum, personal homepage, start from a space, now has a monthly profit of about 20,000, and better.

In this era, more and more sites, has been far more than the number of yaks, so, the production of Web sites, more and more easy to promote the site, more and more difficult. Recently, often many netizens turn to me, I do not have too much time, and according to their own experience, here list some of their own feel more useful methods for your reference.

(a) navigation site landing. For a small traffic, not well-known sites, navigation sites can bring you more traffic than search engines and other methods. I made a statistical analysis of my friend's name on the net.  Simply recommended to the home page is its included in the pages of a humble place, every day to my friend's site to bring about 200 of the traffic. Here are a few large traffic navigation sites for everyone:

The home of the Web site has become a model for many personal websites.

Http:// 265 web site

Http:// pick and pick the flow is also good,

(two) Friendship connection can bring a stable passenger flow to a website. In addition to help the site in Google and other search engine species rankings.

Talk about friendship connection best can connect some flow than oneself high, have well-known website. Again is the website that complements with own content. Then it is similar sites, similar sites to ensure that their site content quality to have characteristics, and can attract people, or not even similar sites.

Yesterday, I give electronic product price comparison net (, do more friendship connection, just start its stationmaster feel destroy art, so unwilling to do. But come, after my analysis, he tried to do a few. In just two days, the statistical device proves the effect of friendship connection. Oh!

The website does not want but asks the appearance, specially tries the commercial website, must be practical first, the technical appearance and so on second. Suddenly think of a not beautiful, but a year development reached more than 400,000 daily traffic site, that is Gao Chunhui's mobile home site.

In addition, many of my friends ' website, although not beautiful, and some still difficult to see, but actually brought them money. Oh, please remember this website design concept, practical first

(c) Search engine landing ranked search engine to bring the flow of the site will be more and more large, landing there are many landing cavalry and other software (cracked version of the download address). But the most effective or manual landing. In my book on the name of the special sale of the net statistics, through the manual landing to NetEase, Yahoo and other search engines to bring a lot of traffic. Some other portals currently take a toll landing and you can choose according to your situation. But I personally think that its investment and return is not very good value.

Chinese search engine, the most is currently used by Baidu and Google, the two search engines are currently charging services, of course, there are free landing. For fee-based service, choose according to your own circumstances. Baidu is 0.3 yuan per click. Google each click for 0.5 yuan, the other * * Search Alliance also has a charge ranking service. Personally think the price is higher, not too good.

If you don't want to give them money and try to get a better ranking, then you need to optimize your site and make some detailed strategies based on their laws. such as title design, label design, content typesetting design and so on. You can go to the ecommerce guide to find out more tips (

(four) network advertising launched online advertising although to spend money, but to bring the flow of the site is very objective, but how to spend the least money, get the best results, this requires a lot of skills.

1. Low cost and high return. How can we achieve this effect? Personal opinion is the choice of media, if you want to gain visibility, then pay to those who have well-known sites, if you are only for traffic, then, the media site to filter out, because they are very expensive prices.  So what is the choice of the site as a media launch? The site is not very famous and has large traffic. At present, many personal sites, although not very famous, but the traffic is particularly large, advertising on them, the price is generally not expensive. in a very large volume of software download site ads. One months is only 300, each day can bring him hundreds of of the passenger flow. It's much more affordable than those bidding rankings.

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