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KonquerorIt is an embedded browser that runs mainly on Linux and BSD operating systems. In this article, I will teach you how to port konqueror to the poly core development board.


Tar-xvf konqueror-embedded-snapshot-20030705.tar.gz

Cd konqueror-embedded-snapshot-20030705

Export QPEDIR =/work/pan/mips-qtopia/qtopia-free-2.2.0/qtopia

Export QTDIR =/work/pan/mips-qtopia/qtopia-free-2.2.0/qt2

Export TMAKEDIR =/work/pan/mips-qtopia/qtopia-free-2.2.0/tmake

Export PATH = $ QTDIR/bin: $ QPEDIR/bin: $ TMAKEDIR/bin: $ PATH

Export AR = mipsel-linux-ar

Export STRIP = mipsel-linux-strip

Export RANLIB = mipsel-linux-ranlib

Export CXX = 'mipsel-linux-g ++-mips2'

Export CCC = 'mipsel-linux-gcc-E-mips2'

Export CC = 'mipsel-linux-gcc-mips2'


. /Configure -- host = i686-linux-target = mipsel-linux -- enable-embedded -- enable-qt-embedded -- enable-qpe -- with-gui = qpe -- disable-debug -- enable-ftp -- enable-static -- disable-shared -- disable-mt -- with-extra-libs =/Cross/target/local/mipsel-linux/lib: $ QPEDIR/lib -- with-extra-distributed des =/Cross/target/local/mipsel-linux/include: $ QPEDIR/include -- without-ssl -- with-qt-dir = $ QTDIR -- with-qt-Primary des = $ QTDIR/include -- with-qt-libraries = $ QTDIR/lib -- with-qtopia-dir = $ QPEDIR



Qtopia is an Embedded desktop environment and application Assembly developed based on QT/Embedded. It allows you to easily add user applications or configure desktops in the Qtopia desktop environment. To add a user Application, you need to create a desktop file under the Qtopia/apps/Application directory. This file specifies the desktop file icon and the entry point of the Application. It should be noted that in order for new applications to run in the Qtopia desktop environment, the applications must be compiled using the graphics library provided by QT.

The following uses the embedded web browser konqueror as an example to describe the process of adding a new application.

(1) download the konqueror source code and perform cross-compilation. To support Chinese display and flash, you also need to modify the source code and add the corresponding plug-in.

(2)copy the konqueror.png icon file to/opt/Qtopia/pic.

(3) store the konqueror executable file in/opt/konqueror/, and create konqueror in the Qtopia/apps/Application directory. for more information about the desktop file, see qtopia. desktop file. Note that the Exec item of konqueror. desktop should specify the specific location of the executable file. Example: Exec =/opt/konqueror/bin/konqueror

(4) export the runtime environment variable of konqueror and click its icon on the desktop to browse the webpage.

Chinese support:

Because QT/E supports Unicode encoding, Konqueror/E also supports Chinese characters. However, Unicode is not supported in the default configuration for compiling QT/E, so we need to manually modify the qconfig-qpe.h file Configuration:

Comment out 38 lines, # define QT_NO_CODECS.

After the modification, re-compile QT/E, Qtopia and Konuqueror/E, and Konqueror/E to accept Unicode-Encoded chinese characters. However, the Konqueror page must contain a corresponding font. Therefore, modify the/konq-embed/dropin/kglobalsettings. cpp file in the Konqueror/E source code:

Change "helvetica" to "unifont" and re-compile Konqueror/E to display the Chinese font page in Konqueror/E.

After reading this article, you will know how to port konqueror to the poly core development board, hoping to help you!

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