Do you know why we read books?

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Do you know why we read books?

In my junior year, I took the last career and planning class of this semester yesterday. The teacher left a homework assignment and each person wrote a resume, with a self-recommendation letter. If you haven't felt the problem of employment yet, there are usually two types of people. One is confident, and the other is broken. What do we do when we come to college? Maybe different people may have different understandings, but as a student, reading is necessary. But what is the purpose of university study? What does reading bring to us?

Today, I saw a piece of news saying that employment must be the baton for us to study. What kind of talents do industry enterprises need? Or what kind of talent can be welcomed in the employment market? The answer is no, but too many.

Looking at the internet, we know that this year there will be 6.8 million of college graduates, and the next step will be how serious the employment situation is, and how many college students are repeatedly rejected by enterprises. In contrast, many fields are always exposed. For example, the software industry is excited and has millions of job vacancies. I believe that this is not only the case for this industry, but also for any industry, but why can't companies find talent while college students fail?

What kind of talents do industry enterprises need? What kind of talent will be popular in the employment market? Where should we start to cultivate a student's ability to cope with the future?

The development of society is inseparable from the talent and intellectual support provided by higher education. The practical problems of students' employment pressure are driving the reform of university Talent Training Mode to a certain extent. From the perspective of enterprises, training talents that are "seamlessly connected" with enterprise needs should be the pursuit. How can I read it again? What kind of books do you read? A change doesn't mean it changes. For example, upgrading to a higher level is a bloody example. The road to success is full of thorns. Although the first sign of success is still not recognized by most people, how can we start the reform of the Student Training Model? Does the country's leaders change overnight in a single sentence?

Experts also said that scholars also said that employment should become a baton for reading, but is it really desirable to study for employment only? Not all job training courses are full of places. are jobs directing them to study? But they are in employment, but what should we do in society? What should we do in the country? Because the people trained are obviously characterized by no innovation, no improvement, and training, they have generally been around in their lives. At most, they have made breakthroughs in a very small space, however, we do not need such people in our society. What we need in our society is the elites. Then, we can cultivate them in batches. why can't the elites?

This is just an empty ideal for cultivating elites in batches. It may take five or ten years for people to suddenly realize that such a place can truly become an elite in mass production.


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