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One of the big questions we face when taking photos is how to light the scene to capture all the details of the shadows, midtones, and highlights. And we will always find out after the shooting, how many photos are not exposed or exposed problems.

The histogram reflects the tone distribution in the picture, and the histogram displayed on the camera under ideal exposure should have a symmetrical shade distribution from left to right.

However, no matter how hard we try, there will be more or less exposure problems such as this one, such as the below-exposed piece.

The histogram in Camera Raw can help us to judge the tone distribution in the picture and make accurate exposure correction. With the help of the histogram window, we can readjust the tone distribution of the picture, restore the lost halftoning information, and construct the proper contrast.

First, we analyze the problems in the above diagram.

1. Open the file

Execute the File > Open command to open the picture and enter the camera raw main interface. Obviously this is a piece of work that is not exposed.

2. Shadow Trim

Click the Shadow Trim Warning button to open the shaded area the exposure details are missing prompts, and the preview window will indicate the loss of shadow details in a blue color block.

3. Shadows

The information in the histogram is piled up in the shadow area on the left side of the graph, which indicates that the image shadow and the intermediate tone information are the main problems.

4. Statistical graphics

The distribution of Shadows, midtones, and highlights in the picture display of statistical graphics.

5. High Light

The brightest part of the photo stops in the middle area, and usually extends to the far right for the normally exposed photo.

6. High-Light trim

Turn on the highlight trim warning to identify the exposed high light area in the form of a red color block.

After analyzing the problem, we adjust the tone of the photo accordingly.

1. Regional

By moving the mouse over the histogram, the corresponding tone area will be highlighted in the histogram, where you can look at the corresponding area of the histogram and then analyze how it should be adjusted.

2. Exposure

In this tutorial, our mouse position is exactly the area controlled by the Exposure slider, and the range is highlighted in the histogram so that you can visually view the effect.

3. Drag

When we put the mouse on the histogram, and then press the right mouse button to the right to drag the mouse, the corresponding area of the histogram information will move to the right, meaning that the corresponding slider value increased, this adjustment is very intuitive, you can see the corresponding changes in the exposure of the screen.

4. Re-mapping

Improve the setting of the exposure and the high smooth block, improve the brightness value of the middle tune and the highlight area. As the straight-square chart moves to the right, the picture becomes richer.

5. White

We can use the white or black slider to make more precise adjustments to the halftone. For example, the white slider can change the brightness of the highest light part without affecting the other regions of the screen. A properly exposed photograph should have a moderate amount of information in the highlights and shadows to ensure the overall contrast of the picture.

6. Before and after comparison

Click here to compare the effect before and after the adjustment in a variety of ways so you can observe the differences before and after the adjustment.

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