Do you understand the features of these Linux program designs?

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For programmers, the Linux operating system is very popular. They use Linux when designing programs. Designers of Linux operating systems encourage people to adopt a unique programming style. Do you understand the features of Linux programming? The following are the features of Linux program design.

(1) simplicity. Many of the most useful Linux software tools are very simple and easy to understand.

(2) Important. A fully functional program may be neither easy to use nor easy to maintain. If the program is only used for one purpose, it is easier to improve when a better algorithm or operation interface is developed. In the Linux World, a small tool program is usually combined to complete a larger task when the demand arises, rather than predicting a user's needs with a huge program.

(3) repetitive. The program components used form the core part of the application into a library. A function library with simple and flexible programming interfaces and complete documentation can help others develop similar projects, or use the skills here in new application fields. For example, the dbm database function library is a set of functions, rather than a single database management system.

(4) filtering. Many Linux applications can be used as filters, that is, they can convert their input into another form of output. It will be discussed later that the tool programs provided by Linux can combine other Linux programs into very complex application software, and their combination methods are novel and strange. Of course, these program combinations are supported by the unique development methods of Linux.

(5) openness. The configuration files and data files used by popular Linux programs are common ASCII texts. It would be a good practice to follow this principle in program development. It allows you to use standard software tools to modify and search configuration data, develop new tools, and process data files through new functions. The source code cross-reference check software ctags is a good example. It records the symbolic location information in the program in the form of a rule expression for the retrieval program to use.

(6) flexibility. Because you cannot predict how a less intelligent user will use your program, you need to increase flexibility as much as possible during program design, do not limit the length of the data domain or the number of records. At the same time, if possible, you should try to write a program that can respond to network access, so that it can run across networks and on a local single machine.

Through this article, you can better understand the characteristics of Linux program design.

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