Do you want to know the development trend of industrial robots?

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Do you want to know the development trend of industrial robots? Robot Accessories Manufacturers Industrial robots in many fields of production practice has proved that it in the progress of production automation level, progress in labor productivity and commodity quality and economic benefits, improve workers working conditions, and so on, has the role of the world's attention, caused by the countries and the community at all levels of people's attention. In the new century, the Robot (manipulator) industry will be more rapid development and more extensive use.

1, industrial robot skills to carry out the trend

In recent years, from the products of the world robot, the industrial robot skills are being carried out in the direction of Intellectualization, Modularization and systematization, and its trend is mainly as follows: Modularization and reconfigurable structure; robotic Accessories The openness, computerization and networking of control skills in the company; digitization and decentralization of servo-driven skills , multi-sensor fusion skills of practical, work environment design optimization and work flexibility, as well as the network and intelligent system and so on.

2, industrial robot industry development trend
By 2007, the number of new robots installed worldwide will increase from 81800 units in 2003 to 106000 units in 2007, with an average annual growth of 7%. Of these, Japan's 20,032,007-year sale of industrial robots will grow from 31600 in 2003 to 41000 units in 2007; Europe's 20,032,007-year industrial robot will grow from 27100 units in 2003 to 34000 sets in 2007 North America's 20,032,007-year industrial robot market is growing evenly by 5.8% per year, up to 16000 units by 2007.
In recent years, with the construction machinery industry continues to carry out, the manipulator vacuum suction cup construction machinery lubricants Market has shown a prosperous trend, the sale of a short period of rapid development to 8 billion yuan.
Because China's construction machinery market formed a short time, the construction machinery owners and users of the lubricant cost consciousness is far from mature, is still accustomed to the selection of passenger car lubricants principles directly used in construction machinery and equipment, engineering machinery industry and even no "special lubricants" concept. In fact, in the application process, the construction machinery lubricants in the use of the environment or in the load change, and so on, there is a huge difference with the passenger car lubricants. And the improper use of oil on mechanical equipment and the use of power and service life is greatly affected.
Industry analysts, 2012 global chemical commodities need to grow relatively stable, with the global economic recovery, the need for growth in the future will rebound. The need for petrochemical commodities to grow will be paramount from Asia, and this growth is driven by cost-of-goods manufacturing, which is used to export to all parts of the world and satisfy Asia's expanding middle class needs. The cost estimates will require more purchases of goods such as packaged goods, appliances, cars, tires and clothing. Since 2000, more than two-thirds of the global demand for day-line fixtures has come from the Asia Pacific region, and this trend is expected to continue. Robotic fixture in the coming 10, it is estimated that the global demand for chemical commodities will grow by 50%, thanks to the growing prosperity of the developing countries.

The five Principles of success, self-control

  The five Principles of success, self-control "immediate action" is one of make contributions's secrets. Here, we can apply the "self-initiation method". "Sow an action, and you will reap a habit; sow a habit, and you will reap a character; Sow a character, and you will reap a destiny." The great psychologist and philosopher William James said so. The self-initiated law is actually a self-motivated aphorism: "Act now!" "Whenever the phrase" act now "flashes from your subconscious mind to the conscious mind, you should act immediately. Many people have a habit of procrastinating. Because of this habit, they may go out have missed, arrive late for work, or, more importantly, lose the opportunity to better change the course of their entire life. History has recorded a large number of delays in this abuse of human serious adverse effects! Please self-hint and self-control, so that you will restore your good state and adjust your realistic situation; through it, (buy robotic gold with gamma) one can turn a day that may be destroys into a pleasant day. At the same time self-control, with the same internal force to motivate themselves. What is motivation? Motivation is to inspire people to make choices and engage in action, that is, "internal catalytic." Instinct, passion, emotion, habit, attitude, impulse, desire, or idea can inspire people to act. No one is motivated to do anything. Motivation is a lot of incentives, 10 of the most basic of these are: (1) The desire for self-protection (2) Emotions of Love (3) Emotions of Fear (4) sexual feelings (5) desire for life after death (6) desire for physical and mental Freedom (7) Anger (8) feelings of hatred (9) desire for recognition and self-expression (10) desire for material wealth These are all needs of self-motivation Controlled. Man is the only conscious member of the animal kingdom, and only one can control himself rationally. Although your emotions may not always be at the mercy of the intellect at once, it is immediately subject to action. Use positive emotions instead of fear. An effective way to do this is to use self-hinting, which is to use self-command, to say what you want to be. In this way, if you harbor fear and want to be a brave person, you can give yourself a command: "Be brave!" "and quickly repeated this great speech: brave, courageous, I am very brave!" Then naturally into the brave action. Be brave at the same time pay attention to accomplishment. Accomplishment is almost synonymous with self-control. The function of self-cultivation to imply and motivate and maintain in the action of people is enormous. Franklin's list of 13 virtues is: (1) moderation. Food is not full, drink not drunk. (2) reticent. Words must be good for one's own people, to avoid empty talk. (3) Life is orderly. So that it is easy to enter the state. (4) determination. Determination is both courage. (5) frugality. The money is appropriate, cut and quit wasting. Do not "make money with a conscience-damaging approach and spend money in a healthy way". (6) diligence. Don't waste time, do it. (7) Sincerity. Do not deceive people, thinking should be strict. (8) impartiality. UseDon't forget your responsibilities and obligations. (9) Moderate. Avoid extremes and less. (10) clean. Keep yourself in sync with the environment. (11) Sedation. Do not be alarmed by anything. (12) Chastity. In order to own the health of the partner and the child's happiness, control their sexuality, the House matters Section. (13) Modesty. To emulate Jesus and Socrates, the greater the greater the more humble.

Do you want to know the development trend of industrial robots?

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