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Google launched an open version of the Ajax Framework in Thursday, through which users can build Web apps like Google Maps and calendar. This Google Web Toolkit beta is free, it is a java-based tool and can work with any Java development tools.

GWT has been added to Google's code base, which contains a lot of APIs and development tools. Google product manager Bret Taylor says the GWT compiler simply converts a user's Java application into browser-supported JavaScript and HTML when the user deploys the application to the product.

GWT's system requirements are:

Java:sun Java 2 operating environment 1.4.2 or above.

• Operating system: Windows xp,windows 2000, or Linux w/gtk+2.2.1 or above

• Hardware requirements: More than 100MB of available hard disk space, 512MB memory

and GWT can be downloaded from Google Code. Google has also launched a Linux version of GWT, which can also be downloaded from this page.

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