Docker (4): Coreos+docker+rancher is awesome.

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1,docker is very convenient.

The advantage of using Docker is that you can save server costs, deploy quickly, and scale quickly.
The benefit of using rancher is to simplify Docker operations and use the Web to manage Docker.
The advantage of using CoreOS is a streamlined Linux system that starts fast and consumes less resources.

2, quickly create 8 tomcat

On your VirtualBox virtual machine, 6 Tomcat is configured in a few clicks.

It's easy to start stopping Tomcat.

Very resource-saving, my virtual machine 1cup 2G memory, including Docker and rancher services.
In fact, rancher service is also a tomcat. Then start 7 tomcat.
Some fit the 7th Tomcat can not start. There's not enough memory available.
At this time, the boot completed after the load of more than 50, start more than 100.

3, create the app

In the Docker catalog there are many applications that can be downloaded directly to use.

These are rancher good images, after the download is completed stacks inside, is to pack multiple docker into a stack to download, deploy, and then provide services to the outside.
You can also enter name creation directly.
For example, create a Jenkins, Gogs:

Just click on the right two.

Gogs boot Success, enter the installation interface, will not be installed.
The detailed installation process has been previously written:

4, Build Load Balancer

There is only one Docker server, a single-machine environment, where load balancing is found.
And so on the intranet to get a few more machines to study again, you can easily do the site structure.
To view the schema diagram:

Gogs calls the MYSQ service.

5, about host files

Docker has been tossing a few times and found that the disk is consuming badly.
Looking for a half-day found the directory the largest folder:

This saves all the files that are running in Docker.
The file that includes the deleted container.
Use Docker logs to view logs stored in:
6G of disk altogether. A few more runs, the result is almost full.

4, summary

The text of this text connection is: not allowed to reprint without the Bo master.
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Coreos+docker+rancher is really super convenient to create Docker apps through web interface operations.
Containers make it easier to deploy on-line development, and the system is highly efficient to deploy on-line.
At the same time the system has become transparent, can be better to do horizontal expansion.
At the same time the system monitoring, alarm are unified, it is easier to do.
A server can be split into multiple tomcat when the ports remain the same, and then the ports that serve the service are different.
This is a lot more convenient when it comes to monitoring. The cost of operations has also been reduced.
At the same time, when a host is split into multiple virtual machines, each virtual machine will not have to follow a CentOS operating system, just follow a coreos, and the rest will be given to the mirror.

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