Docker-compose Docker Boot Tool

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Brief introduction:

Docker can run a configured server on a single command, which is handy.

But there is also a problem is that when the parameters are more, the mapping directory is more, map port more ...

I used to write a script, start with a foot, very low ah.

Also see some of the Docker Image introduction page has introduced Docker-compose, but because has been a small application, also did not seriously look at this thing, today, learn a bit.

Docker compose is a Docker tool for defining and running complex applications

The data structure inside is much clearer than a few lines of my script. And you can start multiple containers at the same time, and they are started on a dependency basis.

For example, start the database first, and then start the blog.

One: Installation

Similar to installing Docker.

Installing Docker is DNF install Docker

Installing Docker-compose is DNF install Docker-compose

DNF is the package management tool that I use for fedora, depending on your Linux version, it may be different.

Two: simple example 1. No brain trial


Docker-compose Docker Boot Tool

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