Docker configuration domestic Mirror source linux/mac/windows

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Accelerator Official Daocloud Promise: Accelerator service is free and unlimited
Usage Prerequisites: Register Daocloud account and make sure Docker version > 1.8
Commanddocker --version

Using Docker often requires mirroring from the official, and the process of pulling mirrors in the country is time consuming.
Daocloud launched the Daocloud Accelerator, through intelligent Routing and caching mechanism, greatly improved the speed of the domestic network to access the Docker Hub, and has been heavily recommended by Docker.


Automatic configuration of Docker accelerators (recommended)
For Ubuntu14.04, Debian, CentOS6, CentOS7, Fedora, Arch Linux, OpenSUSE Leap 42.1

The Registry-mirror configuration command is as follows (note the change to its own address):

curl -sSL | sh -s http://你的的地址

After the configuration is complete, restart Docker based on the prompts in the terminal to make the configuration effective.

Manually Configuring the Docker accelerator
Docker version in 1.8-1.11
Find Docker profiles, different configuration paths for Linux distributions, refer to Docker official documentation for specific paths
docker_opts join in config file


Restarting Docker (different Linux distributions Restart commands are not necessarily the same)
service docker restart

Docker for Mac

Get acceleration Address
Click the Apply & Restart button to make the settings effective

suggest adding other domestic mirrors
Docker for Windows

In the lower right-hand corner of the desktop, right-click the Docker icon, modify the JSON in the Docker Daemon tab, and add the accelerator address (obtained on the Accelerators page) to the "Registry-mirrors" array. Click Apply to make the settings effective.

The text above is JSON syntax, make sure your modifications conform to the syntax rules, or you will not be able to configure success.

Docker Toolbox

(Docker Toolbox is not recommended and it is recommended that you use the new Docker for Mac and Docker for Windows to run Docker on both platforms)
Please make sure your Docker Toolbox is up and executing the following commands (please replace the accelerator address with the dedicated address obtained on the Accelerators page)

"s|EXTRA_ARGS=‘|EXTRA_ARGS=‘--registry-mirror=加速地址 |

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Docker configuration domestic Mirror source linux/mac/windows

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