Docker on Microsoft Azure

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Docker thrives, at its zenith. Microsoft is naturally not behind, and doesn't say the upcoming Windows Nano Server and Windows Server 2016 that support Docker technology. Let's take a look at how Docker is used on Microsoft Azure.

Microsoft Azure does not currently publish a standalone container Service, but instead integrates Docker into the VMS and CLI. This allows the user to create and manage Docker by using the CLI. Looks a little rough, doesn't it? It doesn't matter, it's better than nothing. Besides, I believe Microsoft will not let you down. By the way, there are already coreos images available on Microsoft Azure, and users can create CoreOS-based virtual machines.

We don't need PowerShell this time, because now we're going to use Docker in Microsoft Azure and only use Linux clients! MacOS can barely do it, and windows won't expect it for the time being. The reason is simple and requires Docker to be installed on the client.

If you don't have a machine running a Linux system on hand, create a VM on Microsoft Azure when the client uses it. A basic A2 instance is sufficient. We take Ubuntu 14.04LTS as an example to show you how to install the Microsoft Azure CLI.

Installing the Node.js,microsoft Azure CLI was developed based on node. js.

sudo curl-sl https:/// | sudo-e bash-sudoinstall -y Nodejs

Install the Microsoft Azure CLI

sudo Install azure-cli--global

Import the Publishsettings file, which is the same file as PowerShell.

Azure Account Import [publishsettings file name]

Create a Docker host

[SSH Port] " [Microsoft Azure Region] " [Docker host name] [Microsoft Azure virtual machine image name] [User Name] Password

The above command is one of the most streamlined commands for creating a Docker host, and after execution succeeds, a standard A1 Docker host is created. For more parameters, use the [Azure VM Docker create-h] query. [Microsoft Azure virtual machine image name] can be obtained through the [Azure VM image list | grep 14_04] command.

After the Docker host is successfully created, you can connect and manage the Docker host directly using the Microsoft Azure CLI.

Docker--tls-h TCP://[docker host name]. Info

OK, after the steps above, we can create and use Docker on Azure!

However, the Chinese version of Windows Azure does not currently support the use of Docker in this way, and can only obediently install and configure Docker on the virtual machine as a traditional way. Although the above steps are successful on the Chinese version of Windows Azure, the virtual machines that were created do not have Docker deployed (that is to create a normal virtual machine, not a Docker host, deceptive), Naturally, you cannot use the Microsoft Azure CLI to connect and use Docker.

Docker on Microsoft Azure

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